Worldwide Parenting with PTSD Awareness Day

Worldwide Parenting with PTSD Awareness Day


August is Worldwide Parenting with PTSD Month

Boricua Confidential is the proud sponsor of the Second Annual Worldwide Parenting with PTSD Awareness Day. I have the extreme pleasure of declaring that TODAY is a day of rest and relaxation. Period.

Pamper yourself and your family with oodles of love and quality time with each other. Do nothing that involves serious thought or burning brain cells. It’s a strictly keep-it-simple Suzie kinda day with your family.

If you missed it, do it another day. Possible “To dos” could include:

  • Get kids off to school, call in sick, siesta, enjoy kids after school
  • Lay on a hammock
  • Walk across a field of green grass barefoot
  • Fly a kite
  • Walk dog with kids
  • Water balloon fights (keep hose close so you can spray ’em just because)
  • Go swimming
  • Play Monopoly, Life, chess, checkers, dominos
  • Play guitar, sing out loud
  • Play basketball
  • Play catch
  • Play on the playground
  • Play with dolls
  • Wave at cars going by as you sit in front of the house
  • Have an evening bonfire
  • Play cards: gin rummy, hearts, poker, blackjack
  • Have a fire circle (everyone gathers into a circle. One person enters. Everyone says what they like about that person.)
  • Read a story out loud
  • Play stick ball
  • Play dodge ball
  • Go on a hike by a stream or river
  • Ride bikes
  • Jump rope, single or double dutch
  • Tag
  • Hide and go seek

I’m sure you can come up with your own but notice a few guidelines.

  • No electronics whatsoever
  • No yelling or screaming
  • Celebrate mistakes
  • Celebrate each other
  • Be kind and love on each other
  • Don an attitude of gratitude because this IS living well

Parenting doesn’t have to be a competition or a hassle. It’s a privilege we get to reverse our curse and raise happy, healthy kids. Incidentally, happy and healthy is defined by you and your family, and involves no abuse whatsoever.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

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