#Resistance creates strength

#Resistance creates strength

Basics of Truth, Part 2 in a series. Podcast below.

Submit yourselves, then, to God.
Resist the devil and he will flee.
‑James 4:7 NIV 1984

Weight trainers know and live, “No pain, no gain.” This tidbit of wisdom has been applied successfully in many different life processes. What you’re going through because of pain inflicted by our new president (heretofore called “45”) is by design. The Designer is God through His son Jesus. The irony is weight training also is called “strength training.”

Prophetic outlook: See things the way God sees them
About a year ago I heard Jesus say He is in the storm, that it’s a storm of blessing. Rough times shave off rough edges, and make them straight, smooth or both. Then last night, as I’m watching satellite imagery of storms lined up in the Pacific Ocean, just above the southern jet stream I saw what looked like a heavenly cloud formation.

Bird on the left, California coast on the right.
Bird on the left, California coast on the right.
River headed directly at San Francisco Bay Area.

It looked like a white dove because the news showed the water vapor version. As soon as I made that connection, they show their forecast imagery and call it a river of water about to hit central California. Note: In doppler radar, the bird is red because it indicates intense moisture building up so, of course, my friends all saw a giant hand that I also now see. … Nevertheless …

Immediately, I’m hit with the prophetic interpretation, i.e., that we are about to be abundantly blessed through this storm. The weatherman said that any areas not previously touched by storms will be covered. Then this morning, I’m watching Bethel Redding’s live stream and they make the same connection, i.e., we are about to be blessed by a “river of storms” that will blanket all areas of our state.

I contend God is up to something with these storms. It’s been said revival will begin in the west spreading eastward. I feel strongly what’s happening here and now is like most storms from the west, i.e., it will spread across America and beyond. There will be a cleansing, not merely through the landscape but spiritually through our soul and spirit.

Strength training: Resistance is not futile
As we resist the swamp of lies, manipulation and deceit coming out of yellow journalism and Washington, DC, we are growing stronger. We are taking flack for not going with the flow because we recognize the flow is polluted and makes everyone sick. The church is calling us “rebellious” but the Bible says if we resist the devil, he will flee. Unless 45 has a profound encounter with Jesus, he’s acting on behalf of the devil. Therefore, 45 and his cronies will have to flee. It’s all about when, not if.

As we watch surreal policies and hypocritical cronies assault civil rights, we have a chance to grow stronger than ever. Now we see with our spiritual/experienced eyes. We know intuitively we’ve been here before and there is no greater advantage than that of experience. The key here is we are in a much safer space. We no longer live in an abusive situation. If we do, then we are coming out of trance. Scales are falling from our eyes as we come to understand what we went through is nearly identical in form, fashion and pathos. We also come to understand that what we experienced was abuse and abuse is wrong.

The gift to see and understand rightly is significant. We see it was wrong then and now. When we see our abuse in its true perspective we can go more confidently into various situations and recognize dysfunction. By this we realize we 1) have been here before; and 2) don’t want to go back.

It might be painful to get triggered over and over again now but this is called “exposure” therapy. The more we are exposed, the less we will be affected. Over time we become dead to those triggers. Once it’s dead to us, we are more capable of reaching back and pulling others into recovery, wellness and right thinking.

Not everyone will see this as a good thing but so what. We know and understand as perhaps few others can that this too shall pass. If we are still alive, we are stronger by default.

Stand strong. Allow confidence, not arrogance, to grow within you. God is accelerating your healing because He has a purpose for your life. You can touch others who are seemingly unreachable. Our pain is someone else’s gain. Resist, grow stronger and set others free. That is the purpose of living.

Awakenings podcast: Basics of Truth, Part 2
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  1. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

    1. Author

      Thanks Ana.

      I write so I can heal. There is so much going on that I have to write. If I don’t, bad things happen. Keep coming back and keep healing.


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