Basics of Truth series, pt. 1

Basics of Truth series, pt. 1

“Alternative Facts?” Hell no way.
It’s time to talk about what truth is, where you can find it and and how to keep your sanity.

I don’t know about you but Mein Trumpf is accelerating my healing and growth because I’m being confronted every single day with his brand of BS, lies, manipulation, deceit and, now, alternative facts. He triggers most of my PTSD hot buttons so I intend to leverage every bit of this pain to my fullest healing … and you can too.

Give this a listen and let me know about the results of your “homework.” Don’t let Mein Trumpf get you down. Let Mein Trumpf accelerate your healing and growth from survival to recovery to full-throttle thrive mode.

Listen to “Basics of Truth” on Spreaker.

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