Thank God It’s Facebook Friday!

Thank God It’s Facebook Friday!

Facebook Friday, Oct. 26
This week:
  • Lady Liberty and Hurricane Sandy; and
  • Halloween Fun.

First I want to say to all my fellow Americans on the east coast who have to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy that I am praying for all of you. Please know this too shall pass. I hope you can feel my arms around you as I give you a big bear hug squeeze of comfort {{{{{ H U G S }}}}}. It appears even Lady Liberty was quaking as the storm was approaching. God bless and keep you as you go through the recovery and rebuilding process. I hope the rest of this post puts a smile on your face.

I love politics though I must admit I can’t wait for this election to be over. I’ve already mailed in my ballot. Whew! Regardless, my son and I cooked up a really scary idea for this year’s Halloween costume and hope you will agree it’s the scariest concept of all: Romney as a mormon missionary. We simply couldn’t resist.

When he went trick or treating with his friends at Moffet Field, two were dressed as Secret Service officers and two donned army camouflage and carried big Nerf guns. So when you saw the group approaching, it appeared that the Secret Service detail was protecting Romney (my son) and the army guys backed up the Secret Service. His costume was so popular with military families they gave Max extra candy. The armed forces love them some Mitt Romney. When asked whether anyone took photos, the answer was, “Oops.”

Lastly, I couldn’t resist posting these last two photos coming from “Puerto Rico Tiene Cajones” Facebook fan page. I loved the pumpkin concept. I also could not stop laughing at those two guys. I mean look at the expression on their faces, the rollers, the slippers, the hairy arms. I knew relatives who looked like that. Ay Dios! The photo I won’t post–but I laughed so hard I cried–is the guy who dressed up as a soiled maxi pad. It’s still on their Facebook page if you really want to see it.


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