Thank God It’s Facebook Friday!

Thank God It’s Facebook Friday!

Facebook Friday, Oct. 5
This week:
  • Heatwave hits Silicon Valley;
  • Oakland A’s rule the west;
  • Six words; and
  • Reminder: God is big enough.
Every Friday I feature my favorite Facebook post(s). Since I don’t publish crap you might want to stay tuned and check in regularly on Fridays to find out what’s new, nuts, funny, things that make you say, “OMG!” Some things I just can’t keep to myself and my Facebook buds so here we go!
Click here to find my BC Facebook fan page. My goal is to rule the world! You can help by clicking the “Like” button. Isn’t that easy? Whew!Well the Bay Area finally got a taste of triple digit heat. In true California style it happened in October. A friend in Texas said our heat impresses no one there. Whatever. It was hot and we waited all summer long for that heatwave, doggonit. My son was grateful for swim team practice that day.

Congratulations to the American League Western Division Champion Oakland A’s who totally rock in my book. In my home my late husband was the die-hard Giants fan and I preferred the Oakland A’s. I like the Giants but I’m having an affair with the A’s or as John Madden often says, “I’m jumping on that bandwagon.” I hope the Giants make it to the World Series and we have yet another Bay Bridge series where the A’s sweep the Giants … again. Yeppers!

George Takei does it again with an absolutely funny post. Yes, I failed miserably but my excuse is though I’m not of this world, I live in it and have been exposed to all that ungodly stuff, so of course I failed. Duh!  :oD

Finally, a reminder that no matter how big my problems are, He is much bigger. Thank you Jesus.


Thank God it's Facebook Friday on Boricua Confidential
Thank God it's Facebook Friday on Boricua Confidential
Thank God it's Facebook Friday on Boricua Confidential
Thank God it's Facebook Friday on Boricua Confidential


Boricua Confidential chronicles my new life as a single mom of two kids after my husband died from cancer on our son’s seventh birthday. Join me on this journey of change, revival, reformation, discovery and new direction ordered of God. Being a widow ain’t easy, that’s for sure. I refuse to rollover and die. Quite the contrary. I intend to thrive from this crazy life. You can’t keep this woman down. If I’m down, I won’t be for long.

God created me to bounce back. Watch me.

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