Thank God It’s Facebook Friday!

Thank God It’s Facebook Friday!

Facebook Friday Sept. 7
This week:
  • Facebook needs a “hide political posts” button;
  • What to do if you’re targeted for U.S. drone assassination; and
  • Eight incredibly sarcastic product reviews
Every Friday I feature my favorite Facebook post(s). Since I don’t publish crap you might want to stay tuned and check in regularly on Fridays to find out what’s new, nuts, funny, things that make you say, “OMG!” Some things I just can’t keep to myself and my Facebook buds so here we go!
Click here to find my BC Facebook fan page. My goal is to rule the world! You can help by clicking the “Like” button. Isn’t that easy? Whew!With our national elections coming to a fever pitch I’ve been watching who is passionate about their politics and who is not. The choices for America, quite frankly, are no real choices at all but for some, they’ve made a clear choice and I wish they’d shut up about it. A girlfriend posted this cartoon and I couldn’t agree more. Note: I endorse neither candidate because neither are worthy of the oval office.
Presiedntial election, drone assassination, 8 sarcastic reviews, humorSo I was surfing around on StumbleUpon–yeah, I know this is a Facebook feature, but–and posted our second and third entries. I desperately needed some humor and found these two gems.

The third entry was titled, “8 Stupid Amazon Products With Impressively Sarcastic Reviews.” It made me laugh so hard my entire midsection hurt, I literally peed my pants, tears running down my cheeks, nose got stuffed and sneezed alot. It hurt so good to laugh so hard. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Happy Friday y’all,

Facebook needs a "hide political posts" button, 2012 Presidential Election, Romney, Obama, Democratic, Republican
I can’t wait for November to come and go.
You've been targeted for a United States drone assassination!
Next is my favorite of the Top 8. It’s the one that sparked the enormous sound of laughter coming from my treehouse. It took me about 10 minutes to regain some semblance of composure. To the this hilarious post in it’s entirety, click here.


How To Avoid Huge Ships
Owners of small boats sometimes end up in the path of large shipping vessels due to not paying attention to shipping etiquette and rules, so sure, it’s something people might need to read up on. Still, as you can imagine, the title of this one sent the sarcasm meter into the red:
As if that wasn’t enough, Madeleine B. piles on an additional layer of sarcasm icing on the sarcasm cake:
What’s it like to be so perfect, indeed.

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God created me to bounce back. Watch me.

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