S-T-R-E-S-S, gratitude and rest

S-T-R-E-S-S, gratitude and rest

 Okay, I’m feelin’ it today. Here’s what I think of stress:
S   Sucks
T   Time waster
R   Ridiculous
E   Excuse me?
S   Still
S   Sucks


Things I’d rather be doing

  • Snorkeling in Maui: Honolua Bay, Kihei, Wailea
  • Driving on the road to Hana and stopping along the way for a beach picnic
  • Island hopping to Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island
  • Camping at Housekeeping, Yosemite National Park
  • Climbing up Half Dome
  • Soaking up the view at Glacier Point
  • Sitting in a hot tub in the Owens Valley desert near Mammoth staring at the eastern Sierra Nevada with a view of Banner, Ridder and the minarets sipping on a cool glass of White Zinfandel
  • Camping along the San Joaquin river at Mono Hot Springs
  • Sitting in a hot tub at Mono Hot Springs during a major afternoon rain shower
  • Hiking into King’s Canyon
  • Playing and winning Blackjack and/or Kraps at a dive in Vegas or Tahoe
  • Fully body deep-tissue massage for two hours
  • Accupressure appointment
  • A night out with the girls, i.e., restaurant, movie, coffee
  • Encounter God service
  • Bible study
  • Church
  • Picnic with kids
  • Walking around Times Square
  • Watching a Broadway show, i.e., Memphis, Wicked, Producers
  • Eating at the Top of the World restaurant in World Trade Center, North Tower
  • Inside the crown of the Statue of Liberty
  • Grand Canyon
  • Puerto Rico
  • Jesus Culture concert
  • Israel
  • Paris
  • Toronto

Gratitude list for today

  1. Good looks, I mean, really good looks (I’m made in His image, right?)
  2. Roof over head
  3. Couple bucks in the bank
  4. Gas in tank
  5. Adorable but pesty kids
  6. Beat my 12-year-old at chess tonight
  7. My 12-year-old beat me at chess twice before
  8. My daughter is alive (doctors gave her a 10 percent chance to live at birth)
  9. I’m alive
  10. My husband is home with Jesus and I’ll see him again

What’s interesting is no one ever pointed out that the word REST is found in the word stress. Wonder what the extra “S” is for? Hmmm. I got it! Sexy! Sexy Rest! That’s right. When I’m asleep, I’m hot! Too bad I can’t stare at myself while I’m sleeping.

There. I feel better already. … and you?

Boricua Confidential chronicles my new life as a single mom of two kids after my husband died from medullary thyroid cancer on our son’s seventh birthday in 2006. Join me on this journey of change, revival, reformation, discovery and new direction ordered of God.

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