Find freedom where it truly lives

Find freedom where it truly lives

What freedom really is and where you can find it
Freedom is an expression but it is not in fireworks, picnics or parades. Freedom means you get to move, be and have your being. Freedom exists in Truth and Justice and is not necessarily limited to the “American Way.”

While I may have the right to do as I please within the law in these United States not everything I can do is good for me. For years freedom was used as a weapon over me to cover up evil being exacted upon me. I thought I was free because I remembered nothing. However, God had a plan.

He knew what I’d endure so He planned to take that mess and turn it into a powerful message of hope, perseverance and stamina. He jumped into the fox hole with me because He knew The Way out. When I got out He healed me, albeit slowly, and He’s still healing me. I’ll continue healing until I go to my heavenly home where I already am seated.

He knew I’d earnestly desire to jump into other fox holes and set captives free. Who wouldn’t want someone in the fox hole with them especially if they could lead them out? Who enjoys pain, hurt and torment? The healing would be difficult but He brought me far enough through so I could tell all the world about it. I can tell everyone suffering pain, hurt or torment that healing is available for anyone who desires it. The hole is dark and deep but I have an internal flashlight. I can lead others out because I see the path out.

No one can take freedom from me. I am seated in heavenly places and have the armor of God besides.

I now realize I am on a path exclusively for me. He is leading me through a nightmare, the valley of the shadow of death. It’s like Paul’s journey. He and I were on the same road to De-Mask-us. I now see things for what they really are. His unmasking of me is my undoing. I didn’t realize my captivity until my rescue from the inside out.

Occupy me
There’s no condemnation because of my past. He sets me free from legalism and deceit. He provides a mentor who helps me perceive and judge right from wrong. Once my thermostat is activated and calibrated I step into a previously unknown realm of freedom.

Once the Son was inside me, I was released, free. Paul was able to write about love and freedom from a prison cell because he was free despite his circumstances. I embrace Paul’s brand of freedom wholeheartedly. When I lost nearly everything I realized I lost nothing. I am neither a prisoner by choice nor circumstance. I am free indeed.

I AM FREE! If I were homeless, I would still be free.

My irrevocable identity is in Christ. It’s like being Puerto Rican. I just am. No one and nothing can change it. No one can take my identity or freedom from me. Even if I am in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan, I am free. No one can take freedom from me. I am seated in heavenly places and have the armor of God besides.

Freedom requires His Armor and weapons of mass destruction
It starts with the clothing of Vengeance before I don His Armor. Have you ever worn armor without under armor? That’s painful. He said vengeance belongs to Him. He’ll repay for me on my behalf.

Then I slip on the belt of Truth where the breastplate of Righteousness sits. Without Truth there is no Righteousness. Then he gives me the helmet of Salvation, a sound, sober-mind with a tuner. I can tune-in to His talk-radio station, have a dialogue, cultivate relationship and get my marching orders.

There must be balance in the equation of life. Since evil exists, he gave me defensive weapons. Evil tries to advance but I am fashioned to reign. He equipped me for victory. I am not created to retreat, but advance and conquer.

If you think e-mail and texting
are amazing, try prayer.

He gave me a shield of Faith allowing me to thwart fiery arrows of deceit, doubt, fear and more. He knew I’d need to beat back twisted thoughts and bass-ackwards logic with the sword of His Word, which contains all Truth. He promises Truth will set me free and so far, it has.

He gave me shoes so I can stand on the battlefield but not just any pair. He gave me combat boots also known as the shoes of the Gospel of Peace. That’s right: Jesus wears camo with combat boots because we are engaged in spiritual warfare. He reminds me when the battle gets thick I need to simply stand and hold ground I’ve already won in Him. No retreating allowed. We march ever forward, never backward.

Then He gave me the ultimate world wide web and satellite communication: Prayer. If you think e-mail and texting are amazing, try prayer. He hears and consistently answers my prayers. He’s always talking to me.

There is insufficient room to document all the prayers He has answered. If the only thing society stored in libraries were answers to prayer from God, there would not be room enough to hold all those books. We can’t count that high.

As if that wasn’t enough, once He’s cleared out cobwebs and remodeled my thinking he tops it off with the cloak of Zeal. My appetite to tell anyone who will listen is now insatiable, ferocious. I can’t control it. I have to tell. If someone asked me to renounce Jesus, I simply can’t. Forget about it.

Happy Independence Day
Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is freedom. My bill of rights is in the Bible. Freedom belongs to all of us. Those who truly desire it don’t wait for it to happen. They apprehend. Will you apprehend or perish? I hope I get to meet you in heaven some day because you chose to apprehend your freedom.

I hope I messed you up but good today. I hope I changed what you think when you hear, “Happy Independence Day.” I hope it ruins you for His sake and you’ll never be the same.

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