But you can’t make lemonade from cow pies

But you can’t make lemonade from cow pies

originally published Thursday, April 14, 2011, after Barry Bonds was convicted in Federal Court of obstruction of justice.

UPDATE May 2015. Barry Bonds was acquitted and cleared of any wrongdoing in the doping case. He is no longer a felon. He was found innocent not to be confused with not guilty. I’m relieved and glad to hear the Feds had no case. Barry deserves Hall of Fame induction sans the asterisk. Back then, though, I was less than thrilled with his royal buttness.

Now I can stand behind what I said at Dodger stadium in 2006 during a Giants vs. Dodgers game: Barry is going to the Hall of Fame. Get over it.

Here was my opinion way back in April 2011.


When life hands you …
BarryAndLawyersEver have one of those days when you’ve had so much flung at you — regardless of fault — not only does it stick but it stinks? It permeates your skin immediately. This is much worse that getting skunked.

No matter you have bleach, stain remover and commercial-strength detergent and industrial strength washers/dryers. This just stinks.

Subsequently, you get fired from your job. You’re forced to move. Though you jump through all hoops, you still can’t get it off you. That smell.

What the hell is the world coming to? Are things so bad that we can’t be civil enough to tell the truth? What ever happened to civil rights, not wrongs? What ever happened to a time where the Bible was society’s bellwether? A time that when you swore by it you, in fact, told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

We’re right back where we started. We’re savages hunting down our next prey. No matter anyone else. We live how we please anyway so when consequences come, we are indignant, kinda flipping off the person you just cut off.

MAD-Magazine-Barry-Bonds-UnnaturalWhy do we teach our kids valuable lessons, such as actions have consequences, when society continues to perpetuate few consequences especially if you can afford a good law team? I know I’m not the first to cultivate that logic, but seriously.

Baseball, today, stinks. Just for today. Thanks Barry Bonds.

I’ll be over it by tomorrow because I love baseball.

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