Yeah, I missed the Jesus election memo too

Yeah, I missed the Jesus election memo too

Basics of Truth, Part 3 in a podcast series

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Your are not crazy if you didn’t get the Jesus election memo
If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m processing this political season here because I’m still not getting how this buffoon got elected by so many believers. So please bear with me as I process out loud.

Remember: No matter what side you’re on, God is in this political firestorm. We have to press in on our knees as well as corporately. Somewhere between two political philosophies is the truth and that is how we need to pray. Also remember the other side are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It’s been interesting reading evangelical post-election posts about government and officials all over the internet. Why is Betsy DeVos an “answer to prayer”? Grab your barf bags:

“This is a huge win as it marks a sharp change in philosophy at the helm of federal education policy, her history boosting alternatives to public education is going to be crucial for the kids, homeschool, etc.”

This response was penned by a nonwhite 45 supporter.

But wait, there’s more
Kris Valloton elegantly pointed out 45’s victory is merely a sign of the times, the epoch, i.e., kairos moment, right alongside indicators such as Patriot’s win, Warriors’ defeat, Cubs’ victory, etc. However, he then compared 45 to Kings Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus.

The obvious difference hit me one morning: 45 is NOT a king but a president. He was elected not appointed. Thanks to our God-inspired constitution, there are checks and balances against his authority (thank you 9th circuit).

Our right-leaning brothers and sisters also are praying for an identical Roe v. Wade case to come up through courts to overturn the 1973 ruling. However, I hear nothing about justice for minorities, refugees or anyone else.

Jeff Sessions is hell bent on reversing progress within the justice department to retrain cops with key competencies such as therapeutic crisis intervention, de-escalation tactics, and cultural responsiveness and civil rights.Apparently, it’s only about “law and order” forgetting completely about justice.

Another pet peeve is vaccinations. They are determined on making them optional even though vaccinations have eliminated some diseases from the face of the planet and, on a personal note, have saved my daughter’s life. The chief complaint about vaccinations: “Have you read and understood all those chemicals that come with the vaccinations? It’s dangerous!”

The irony is they are still praying for 45’s salvation begging God for him to turn it around. It’s the exact opposite of what one of my pastors said: Don’t do missionary dating or marriage, i.e., don’t seek a long-term relationship with anyone who doesn’t already know Jesus. They are not your salvation project. That’s God’s job but that’s exactly what our right-leaning brothers and sisters have done by electing this far from sane person.

I agree with Valloton that we still need to pray for 45 and all aspects of government if we want a stable society. If we don’t pray, then those who are simply hungry for power and control will run roughshod over government. When that happens, all of us will have to deal with unintended consequences.

Therefore, we must contend in prayer. God is definitely in this because people I love and respect in Christ who have spiritual fruit to prove their walk with Jesus is legit, didn’t get the pre-election memo on 45 either.

So, no, you’re not crazy. Just hold on, watch and pray.

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I talk some more about this in my next podcast series on Basics of Truth. Check it out. What do you think? What hits you between the eyes?

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