I’m coming out, I want the world to know

I’m coming out, I want the world to know

It has been suggested I don’t say much about my walk with Jesus but I can’t fake it. Jesus is absolutely part of my healing and spiritual growth experience. Jesus Christ is my Savior and He calls me friend.

That’s right, I’m coming out of the closet. I am a child of God, forgiven, set free and accruing treasures in heaven. Yes, I believe my late husband heads my heavenly greeting committee.

I’m going to speak of my healing experience not with Christianeeze but conversationally. I am a revivalist. That means I believe the Toronto blessing began the largest worldwide and ongoing outpouring of God.

I am healing spiritually at seemingly light speed. I have so much to say I don’t know what to say first.

How do you encapsulate the King of kings and Lord of lords? How do you explain inner healing? How do you depict the deep inner struggle to be productive versus curling up into a ball in my bed for weeks at a time?

I want so much to heal that He sent me this guy from Bethel Church, Redding, Calif., recently. My heart pounds just remembering our encounter. He ushered in a major encounter with Jesus that landed me on the floor. I have the whole thing recorded and now listen to it at least once a day. Sometimes, I fall asleep then awake the next day and it’s still playing.

This treasured encounter with Jesus was so overwhelming that I have not been the same since.

To thine own self and Savior be true
I’ve been getting to know about this guy named Jesus. He walks and talks with me every day. What I daily sense from Him is often a landslide of thought. If you’ve ever seen The Matrix, imagine sitting in that chair and suddenly know Ju Jit Su. Yeah, like that kind of download.

31 days of Intimacy with my Savior
For the next 31 days I’m gonna be really raw, a full frontal, if you will. I’m going to talk about my relationship with Jesus and whatever may be related to my PTSD. From A to Z and A-E-I-O-U-Y. I’ve put Him first daily and the revelations are so beautiful, funny, profound, simple and wonderfully complex.

I am hardly perfect. I am still healing. My healing journey is my healing journey. Here’s the best part: He knows all about me, has plans for me and I hear His clarion call to action: Be myself.

I hope you’ll join me.

Day 1: Artist
Day 2: Beautiful
Day 3: Celebrate
Day 4: Delight
Day 5: Emotions
Day 6: Father
Day 7: Gracious
Day 8: Hilarious
Day 9: Inside
Day 10: Jealous
Day 11: Kindling
Day 12: Longing
Day 13: Mine
Day 14: Name
Day 15: Open
Day 16: Pleasure
Day 17: Quell
Day 18: Real
Day 19: Strength
Day 20: Tireless
Day 21: Unwavering
Day 22: Victorious
Day 23: Warmth
Day 24: Xenodochial
Day 25: Young
Day 26: Zealous

Day 27: Armor
Day 28: (Pre)Eminence
Day 29: Intimacy
Day 30: Other than
Day 31: Ultimate Yes (and Amen)



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