Day 31: Halloween

Day 31: Halloween

31 Days of Gratitude
Join me as I celebrate all I have to be thankful for during the month of October.
Why October instead of November? One more day!
Enjoy and be blessed.

It’s all about the candy. Whenever someone asks me how I can be a follower of Jesus and take my kids trick or treating, I simply tell them I’m in it for the candy.

Of course, one year I was Anita Hill while my Caucasian husband was Clarence Thomas so it’s not always about the candy.

Yep, my minions were the Halloween hunter and gatherers. They would walk for as long as they could then I would inspect the booty. Of course, we tithe in our house so guess who got 10 percent? That’s right: Mom.

Then it’s the costumes. My daughter was predictably loving the myriad princess costumes. However, my son had no desire to be mundane. His very first Halloween he was Tigger but it’s the most recent that have been the most fun.

In 2011, my son dressed like Steve Jobs because he attended the same middle school as Jobs so why not?

In 2012, he was Mitt Romney. He and his Boy Scout buds were at Moffett Field amid military families collecting tons of candy. His two friends were dressed in fatigues with huge Nerf guns as his secret service detail. Almost every single family gave my son more candy because they were Romney fans. The tithe was killer that year.

In 2013, my son spent four days gluing money to pants and a shirt from Goodwill so he could be the Geico money man. When it came time for the student body to choose a winner for best costume, he lost even though everyone knew his applause and cheering was the loudest.

This year, my son will be Bob Ross, yes, everyone’s favorite artist from PBS with the big afro, a paint brush and a wet color palette. I need a blond wig so I can be Kellyanne Conway and talk alternative facts while I flip my hair back.

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