Day 29: My late husband’s birthday

Day 29: My late husband’s birthday

31 Days of Gratitude
Join me as I celebrate all I have to be thankful for during the month of October.
Why October instead of November? One more day!
Enjoy and be blessed.

Today is my late husband’s birthday. This day is forever written on my heart as with everything associated with his life and death. It’s a wonderful time to remember a wonderful man, faults and all.

Recently, a Neulasta commercial has been on air and this one gentleman in the waiting looks exactly like my late husband. The overwhelming irony is that Neulasta is a chemotherapy patch you wear at home in lieu of showing up for an IV infusion. Listening to the precautions tells me if he were fighting cancer today, he likely would be wearing that patch.

Many who saw it got the same message: He is in heaven’s waiting room waiting for me. However, I desperately tried to find this actor but found this is the most impossible of tasks. The farthest I got in my research was that Neulasta is an Amgen product, BBDO is their ad agency but nobody will return my calls. A actor girlfriend of mine told me to contact the screen actor’s guild but I gave up at that point.

Nevertheless, I still relish his birthday and the opportunity to think about how we would have celebrated this day together, our first year with an empty nest.

Love you, babe!

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