Day 24: Healed knees

Day 24: Healed knees

31 Days of Gratitude
Join me as I celebrate all I have to be thankful for during the month of October.
Why October instead of November? One more day!
Enjoy and be blessed.

I get that people still believe that Biblical miracles only happened the first 300 years of the church until the full canon of scripture was created. Well, you’re wrong and I can prove it.

My knees became more painful around 2011. I begged this one woman at church to pray for my right knee and for a while, I was much better. Then the pain returned with a vengeance so much so that I bought knee braces, landing on a knee brace that fit like a glove over my knee. It helped but not much.

Finally, I met a woman anointed to pray for medical healing. She is former faculty at Stanford School of Medicine and founder of the Medical School of Healing that combines holistic therapies and philosophies with Jesus’ healing power.

I attended a Sunday evening healing event. She physically put her hand on my knee. The next day it felt much better. Within a week, it was completely healed. I was jumping up and down for joy. I was faced with the reality that God heals today. Then my left knee deteriorated.

I used the same knee brace and attended several healing events to no avail. One morning this past March, I awoke to zero pain in my left knee and it hasn’t returned. Now I can safely say God healed my knees. I can run, jump and walk without pain or swelling.

So if you don’t believe miracles, signs and wonders are for today, I got news for you: They absolutely are happening today and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

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