Day 18: Puerto Rican, other Hispanic artists

Day 18: Puerto Rican, other Hispanic artists

31 Days of Gratitude
Join me as I celebrate all I have to be thankful for during the month of October. Why October instead of November? One more day! Enjoy and be blessed.

When it hits the fan, count on Puerto Rico’s finest to come through and lead the charge to raise money for their home, the land of enchantment known as Puerto Rico, Boricua to native islanders.

No, they didn’t get famous and forget where they came from. These are real patriots who love Boricua. They lead their famous friends in the chance to give Puerto Rico much needed relief from Hurricane Maria. It stinks that our own president has abandoned Puerto Rico but familia has not forgotten. Most amazing was a tweet my Lin Manuel Miranda who broke his own vibe and got mad as hell wishing our president would take the fastest golf cart to hell.

Thank you to these amazing Borinquenos who love Puerto Rico to the bone.

Jennifer Lopez
Marc Anthony
Alex Rodrigues
Lin Manuel Miranda
Ricky Martin

Because they took the opportunity to lead, many in Hollywood followed such as:

Chris Martin
Gwen Stefani
Demi Lovato,
Maroon 5
Mary J. Blige
Jennifer Aniston
Ellen DeGeneres
Debra Messing
Heidi Klum
Selena Gomez
Derek Hough
Vin Diesel
Stephen Colbert
Nick Kroll
Kim Kardashian
Bethenny Frankel
and so many more.

Boricua love to all of you.

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