Day 16: A good therapist with a big heart

Day 16: A good therapist with a big heart

31 Days of Gratitude
Join me as I celebrate all I have to be thankful for during the month of October. Why October instead of November? One more day! Enjoy and be blessed.

I am amazed how safe, secure and loved I feel every single time I step into my therapist’s office. It is clear one of his spiritual gifts is compassion. He has a level of compassion that I cannot fathom. It’s too high, wide, deep for me to comprehend. I know. I’ve tried many times to throw him off his game but he’s like that Bozo the Clown punching bag. He keeps coming back.

I used to pay him ungodly amounts of money per month to see him then when the economy tanked in 2008, so did my funds. He felt it just as badly as the rest of us. How did I know? His attitude was a bit less happy because he was seeing his practice shrink because everyone was being adversely impacted.

I offered to stop seeing him and he didn’t allow me to leave. He said he had an ethical responsibility to me. I told him he had no such responsibility. He insisted and double-backed with, “… and I will come for you if you don’t come back.” Wait. What? Someone chasing after me? No one has ever done such a thing with me. I told him I couldn’t pay any longer. He said, “Can you write me a check for $25 each session?” Well of course I could. That’s all he wanted.

No matter how miserable I attempted to make him, and I nearly pushed him away, I couldn’t shake him loose. He was the father figure God has assigned to me. He was all in. He refused to allow our circumstances to interfere with our sessions and relationship.

How do I say thank you? I keep coming back. Thank you, sweetness!

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