Day 14: Facebook

Day 14: Facebook

31 Days of Gratitude
Join me as I celebrate all I have to be thankful for during the month of October. Why October instead of November? One more day! Enjoy and be blessed.

I get that Facebook is under fire for their part in undermining our democracy, but let’s be practical for just a moment. What other application is available where in times of disaster you can find out how your relatives are doing?

I had no idea my relatives were in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria until I saw a photo of them from Puerto Rico. On the one hand, I’m grateful to God they are alive, on the other hand, I’m grateful to God that this medium can impact so many families in such a positive way. I had friends in Houston and Corpus Christi whom I was worried about but they posted on Facebook they were safe. It was amazing.

After the Loma Prieta earthquake hit, it was several days before east coast relatives could find out the disposition of relatives affected by the quake. Then along came 9/11. We didn’t have Facebook but we had cell phones. However, that almost made it worse. New York was so densely populated, news about friends and relatives was sparse for weeks. The entire world was desperately dialing into New York City area codes jamming lines for weeks. I didn’t find out about my aunt, cousins, godparents, etc., for nearly six weeks after 9/11.

Today, the big disaster after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria is the Atlas Fire in Sonoma, Napa and now Solano counties. I have friends in Napa and they were able to simply alert their friends by posting they were okay, out of danger.

Yeah, they were used to influence the 2016 presidential election but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Facebook is here to stay because now it’s a public services for all.

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