Day 5: Great teachers

Day 5: Great teachers

31 Days of God-related attitude
I promised Max that if he made honor roll three out of four quarters I would get him an iPhone 4S. A few weeks ago he asked if he could have an iPhone 5 if he gets honor roll all four quarters. The price is the same so I agreed to do it. Honor roll means he’s getting a 3.25 GPA or above.

Last week I got a preliminary report card indicating he’s close to failing two key classes. I called for a Parent-Teacher-Student conference immediately and we met this week. It was a hard meeting in that Max knew he messed up and having me there was difficult, at best, for him.

He was in tears as we tried to convey to him that we believe in him and want him to succeed. One instructor who Max respects tremendously told him the ugly truth in no uncertain terms. There was absolutely no doubt what was happening and Max’ part in his declining grade.

The teacher followed up in an e-mail asking for feedback, i.e., was he too harsh and he didn’t expect to see him cry. My response below reflects how powerful the truth is and the fact that he has excellent teachers who believe in him passionately and want him to succeed:

Hi E, tough meeting today for you and Max.  I was not expecting the tears, I guess I don’t know Max as well as I thought.  Let me ask you, was I too hard on him, just right  or too soft?  Thanks for the feedback. Len

Len, You did great. It’s important for him to hear from a male influencer and you gave him tough love this morning. He needed to hear what you said. At the end of the day, he respects you. I suspect he will respect you even more after today because you told him the truth. That’s all I require is truth. I think you got through by ripping off that scab and looking at the wound for what it is. He can ill afford to slack off and I think this morning’s meeting will be that launching point.   After you guys left, I leaned in even more and told him how much I want to bless him with that iPhone, “Let me bless you, Max,” I said. He knows what’s expected. He’s just being a typical teen: He loves the lazy but if he wants the Ferrari or Noble cars, it starts here, now.    If you need anything, please feel free to contact me any time. e

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  1. I am incredibly grateful for the mix of teachers he has. The meeting was only supposed to be between two teachers, and Max and I but then his core teacher showed up followed by the assistant principle. He probably felt as if we ganged up on him but I hope he felt loved, i.e., so many people who weren’t related to him cared enough to come to this meeting and show their support for his success. Everyone wants to make sure he graduates this year. Max is so blessed.

  2. Tough moment, but a teachable one. Our kids need to hear the truth from people they love and respect. Hopefully Max will get his grades up and earn himself an iPhone 5!

  3. Tough moment, but a teachable one. Our kids need to hear the truth from people they love and respect. Hopefully Max will get his grades up and earn himself an iPhone 5!

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