Day 27: Swim Team

Day 27: Swim Team

31 Days of God-related attitude
Swimming has been very, very good for Max. I’m proud of him because he’s learned a lifelong exercise that keeps him physically fit enough to participate in long Boy Scout hikes with his troop.While my son isn’t the fastest swimmer on the team, he does try his level best. For that, I am truly grateful.This morning started with the Fall Classic, an annual invitational swim meet with USA swimmers from all over Northern California. Today, he shaved off 20 seconds from his best 100-yd. backstroke and two more seconds off his 50-yd. free. Of course, I gave him a big incentive: steak.

Also I am incredibly grateful to the swim team board members who recognized that though I am always eager to volunteer to earn Max’ scholarship, given the major transition we are moving through right now, I don’t have to hold an annual position this year. They recognized I was overloaded and extended me some much needed yet unexpected grace.

Each family is required to serve at least 16+ hours. Typically, annual positions such as assistant meet director, head marshal, etc., take much more time to do than event-day positions, i.e., at least 32+ hours.

What are you thankful for today?

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