Day 23: San Francisco Giants win NLCS!!!

Day 23: San Francisco Giants win NLCS!!!

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Last night I watched with amazement as the Giants clinched yet another berth into the World Series. Of course, in true Giants fashion, Sergio Romo made it a nail biter in the top of the ninth as fans like me just wanted it over with. But it was worth the wait.
I loved how it rained, poured in the ninth inning as if God was pouring out His abundant blessing upon them, the National League Champions. Obviously Jesus is a Giants fan.
Marco Scutaro taking a sip of the downpour during the 9th Inning

I predict a sweep of the Detroit Tigers so Giants fans, get out your brooms. The Giants have momentum on their side. The Tigers have been resting on their blessed assurance for a week. Detroit will come ready to play ball. The Giants are on fire.

My late husband died before his beloved Giants ever won a World Series. To him I want to say, “THIS IS SOOOOO COOL, BABE! I’m wearing your Giants cap to represent.

Go Giants! Sweep the Tigers!

What are you thankful for today?

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