Day 21: Gas prices are going down

Day 21: Gas prices are going down

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When my husband died in 2006, I was paying about $2.50/gal. Today that number is $4.50/gal. I wish I could pay the national average of $3.65/gal. I know of no place in this area where gas is that cheap. Apparently, our market will bear the highest gas prices in the nation.

Last Friday I paid $4.35/gal. at Costco, the only place I get gas from these days. That was down from the $4.51 I paid the week before.

I was trying to remember gas spikes like this when I first started driving and I don’t remember any. This “gas spike phenomenon” is relatively new in my book. I don’t remember my parents cursing oil companies for refinery fires, hurricanes and other acts of God that caused gas to spike and go through the roof.

What I find amazing is gas prices go up rapidly and sharply but come down very, very slowly. A relative of mine was the spokesperson for Chevron for many, many years. We spoke at length at a family gathering about this phenomenon.

He was quick to remind me how often Congress brings in their executive to explain these hikes and there is never any prosecution. Oil companies are able to justify their actions and do so every time without fear of prosecution.

No, I don’t pay European prices but geesh, it’s painful. Salaries aren’t keeping pace with inflation and it’s killing me and families like mine because everything becomes more expensive, especially food. Paying $3.29 for a gallon of fat free milk is ridiculous. Ugh.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the albeit temporary relief.

What are you thankful for today?

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