Day 19: America’s founding fathers

Day 19: America’s founding fathers

31 Days of God-related attitude 
After all is said and done, I live in the greatest nation on earth. It’s so good that when George Washington was fighting the British God shed his grace on thee.

God was so pleased with our desire to break free from religious oppression by the British, among other reasons, he granted our 13 colonies more than enough favor to win the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Our founding fathers fought for religious freedom, first and foremost, equality for all and more “as endowed by our Creator” who is Jesus Christ. They built this nation on the Cornerstone that other nation builders rejected.

Congress in session in prayer

They prayed and sought the guidance of Jesus as they formed and shaped this country. They wrote watershed documents that contained founding principles for all future democracies around the world. The only document equal in stature and impact to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights was the Magna Carta. God did that through a few good men.

The battles before them were impossible to win but just like He did with Gideon (Judges 7) and his army of 300 versus the Midianite army that numbered 135,000 men, Jesus stacked the odds against these brave men who fought for God first and country second so it would be clear Who gave them their supernatural victory. Because our founding fathers placed God first the United States of America was born.

Thanks to our founding fathers, I have freedoms and privileges that other nations wish they had so much so that people are literally dying to get here. Those who make it here are staying for the sake of their children, that they may have a better life.

General George Washington praying before battle

I love being a second generation American of Puerto Rican descent. It saddens me greatly that we are shifting from one nation under God to one nation apart from God despite our Judeo-Christian heritage. Nevertheless, I will continue to pray and stand in the gap for America because God desires to bless all of his creation.

I love the United States but God loves it and its people more than I do. America, bless God. He’s worthy.

What are you thankful for today?

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