Day 11: Dogs

Day 11: Dogs

31 Days of God-related attitude 
I love dogs mostly because no matter your mood, they love you unconditionally. They don’t ignore you like cats do. Besides, I’m allergic to cat dander something fierce.

The first dog I ever had was named Ginger. She was a toy poodle my father gave to my mother for her birthday. Mom was not happy. My parents had no clue how to train a dog so Ginger would never “come,” “sit,” “stay,” or poop in one place.

One day we came home to find her procreating with a male mutt. My mother got the hose and immediately started spraying both dogs so they would separate. It didn’t work. About 20 minutes later they finally separated. Not much longer after that incident my mother surrendered the dog to animal control. There was crying and screaming but Mom had had enough.

Boricua Confidential
Shikenah ready for the door to open so she can pounce
on unsuspecting squirrels. Note the intensity.

About 10 years ago we rescued a large mutt and named her Shikenah. She was a beautiful, 70-lb. German shepherd-Rhodesian ridgeback mix. She was beautiful, easy to train, fun to play with, and so loving except when it came to other dogs and people she didn’t know. When she spotted another dog she was terribly aggressive scaring everybody. When our kids had friends over, she scared the kids.

About a year after my husband died I surrendered her to the SPCA. I’d had enough of her scaring little kids and having to hold her down whenever we went for a walk and inevitably ran across other dogs.

Boricua Confidential
l to r: Sandy and Plankton

Today I have two little minions, Sandy and Plankton. Sandy is a terrier-dachsund mix while Plankton is a chihuahua-terrier mix. I trained them myself. They are absolutely adorable and I love them to pieces. They don’t scare kids and they are fun to be around. My prayer is we will be able to keep them when we move.

What are you thankful for today?

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Boricua Confidential chronicles my new life as a single mom of two kids after my husband died from cancer on our son’s seventh birthday. Join me on this journey of change, revival, reformation, discovery and new direction ordered of God. Being a widow ain’t easy, that’s for sure. I refuse to rollover and die. Quite the contrary. I intend to thrive from this crazy life. You can’t keep this woman down. If I’m down, I won’t be for long.

God created me to bounce back. Watch me.

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