Day Three: Stop requiring payment

Day Three: Stop requiring payment

30 days of forgiveness

Jesus tells about the man who owed a king millions. The servant begged for relief from the debt and got it. Sadly, when someone who owed him mere hundreds begged for relief, he threw him in debtor’s prison. When the king found out, he ordered torture until the debt was repaid.

The consequences of stupid decisions by relatives cost me dearly. I not only lost close relationships, I also lost liquidity left behind by my late husband as well as our home. Many have encouraged me to countersue for legal fees, punitive damages, and pain and suffering.

Jesus said I am one with him in suffering. I cannot be His ambassador if I don’t endure pain and suffering. He also said in this life I would have trouble and cheer up. He has overcome this world’s troubles. He also said that vengeance is his to repay.


There are no victims
I’ve heard it said, “There are no victims only volunteers.” Really? I didn’t volunteer for pain and suffering at the hands of those closest to me. I’m sure I’ve victimized someone along the way but not to the extent I’ve been victimized.

Okay. I’ll admit it. I was victimized. However, the length of time I choose to remain a victim is up to me. I don’t ask for handouts. I don’t beg for anything. I don’t have a bull’s eye on my back … or do I?

The price of fellowship with Jesus
I’ve noticed that being a follower of Jesus has meant I’m a target because of what I believe and stand for. It’s a badge of honor but it’s tough bearing that badge. However, it also means I’m storing up treasure in Heaven.

I want my home back and all the money I spent on lawyers, consultants, doctors, therapists, etc., returned with interest. It will never happen. So now what?

Let it go. Forgive the debt. I tithe so, consequently, Jesus has taken good care of us. Why should I expect the world to compensate me for losses and damages when I have a Savior who owns everything on earth? If I’m looking for deep pockets I need look no further than Jesus.

This too shall pass
I have a loving, kind, thoughtful Savior who knows how many hair are on my head. When he meets my unspoken needs I know I’m on His mind. He sees and knows everything. Psalm 37:25 says, “I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging for bread.” We’ve never lacked anything.

I explained to my son after we moved that we are not living in poverty. People who live in poverty don’t have their needs met. We have what we need. We’re just broke. There’s very little, if any, room for extras. However, and I strongly emphasize this point, tough times are for now and not forever.

Points to ponder
Who owes you? Why? How important is it? How realistic is it to expect repayment? Even if it’s realistic, is it worth exacerbating a relationship? Are you willing to let God be your provider?

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