The Dysfunctional States of America

The Dysfunctional States of America

I do believe it’s raw
I’m thoroughly enjoying yet cringing in my front row seats for the most insane chapter of US History ever seen or experienced. We live in an environment of stone, cold facts being denied validity because it paints someone in a bad light. This person is very successful, respectable and seemingly above reproach yet investigative reporters dig up major, criminal, unethical activity from recent past and he becomes more popular. He truly now seems to be the new Teflon Don.

Recently, Mein Trumpf asserts the fallacy-as-if-true that there are soldiers who simply can’t handle battle, “… A lot of people can’t handle it. They see horror stories, they see events you couldn’t see in a movie, nobody would believe it … and there are those who do. It takes a certain kind of person to handle it.”

Does that include America’s favorite sniper Chris Kyle? Really? What battle did Trumpf fight? Where were his tours of duty? What action did he see? What Purple Heart medal did he earn?

The plight of the survivor on full display
Doesn’t this happen to all of us at one time or another? Someone twisting our experience, minimizing its impact on our mind, body and spirit, or worse? Get attacked because you chose to speak truth about your experience?

One candidate acts like an abusive boss I worked with many years ago. Stingy with praise. Expert at invalidating and dismissing contributions, yelling, playing favorites, projecting, vomiting, insensitive, selective memory. All the while, that boss garnered high praise for their department’s contribution.

My boss eventually was promoted to Vice President. Before promotion, the company discovered my boss employed their spouse, i.e., signed, approved, processed timecards and invoices, against company policy.

Dysfunction is everywhere if you know what you’re looking for. Why do you think the Department of Health and Human Services is so massive? There is a serious problem with the human condition in America, which has manifest in part as mental health challenges affecting the way we think.

These sycophants and surrogates represent the most difficult part of the abuse cycle. They clearly exhibit signs of being easily mislead; have no use for facts, logic and evidence; are brainwashed; and have no relationship with truth, justice and common sense. However, we likely will never hear, “I’m sorry for …” from anyone caught in the center of the vortex.

Trumpf fanatics are like satellites broadcasting whatever he spews. It also represents what any one of us is up against if we tell the truth about our own experience. We are isolated into silence while they are loud and proud in public.

“He may be a jackass but he’s our jackass,”
One woman told CNN recently.

It’s Econ 101: Everything has a cost. Nothing is free. If we get out there and speak our truth, the cost is a very vocal minority who defend criminals and their activity to the bitter end no matter what it looks like.

“What is truth?”
Famously, Pontius Pilate asked Jesus this very question after Jesus had just stated, Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”

If you hear His voice you know the truth, and the truth will set you free. I repel most fiery darts from all this trigger-happy campaign activity. What puzzles me is the trigges weren’t obvious until recently.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalists and news organizations are documenting fact- and evidence-based reporting yet they’re being slammed by other mainstream media pundits. Second- and third-tier pundits blame everything wrong with this election season on people who present facts and evidence. Instead they choose spewing false allegation after false allegation, which derail good, healthy, necessary, issues-based, public discourse.

A candidate would reply, “That’s untrue!” so reporters respond with results from deep research that reveal ugly truth. However, one half of “mainstream media,” yes Fox News is mainstream, denies credibility of findings, diverts attention to something else and blames others as they themselves have been blamed.

If Mein Trumpf can get away with lie after lie and false allegation after false allegation—all disproven with facts and evidence—then what chance do survivors like me have even if there are video, audio, evidence and witnesses? What if the perpetrator had money to burn on lawyers and you didn’t?

As for me and my journey …
California may lift the statute of limitations on all sexual crimes. Regardless of whether this law passes, it has been suggested I file a criminal complaint for all the incidents I can remember. That’s at least three different cities. He would have to get his photo taken and fingerprints inked.

More than one person reported him to child protective services and he was cleared, of course. So that sounds like it’s over, right? No. If I had millions of dollars and no relationship with Jesus, I’d drag he and my mother back to court, and my only witness would be my therapist.

I decided long ago lawsuits would never be an option for me. Nowhere in the Bible is that modeled. I’m called to the ministry of reconciliation. I will never do what the Martin Luther King Jr. family has done to each other.

I have turned the other cheek. I am good. I want recovery now so God is handing it out in tiny drops. The moment I leave his office, I enter into the world’s distortion field until I come home and re-enter my cave.

This is not an endorsement of either candidate. Period.

Choose you this day …
If you feel triggered these days, you’re not alone. Living through this election season is doable if you remember these two simple rules: Rule #1: Turn all of it off ; and #2 Read Rule #1. If you are wired like me and caught up in the hot, new American soap opera, “Decision 2016,” try limiting the amount of time exposed. That seems to work very well for me and maybe for you.

If something you’re doing is helping you survive the great national dysfunction, please share below. At the very least, let’s help each other.

Ready, set, go!

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