Day 9: Inside

Day 9: Inside

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

When shopping for a place to live curb appeal is important but really all I want to know is what’s inside. Within me resides the Person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is about as intimate as it gets.

He also is called Helper, Spirit Man, Inner Man, Counselor. There is absolutely no one else who can be inside of me wherever I go.

I’ve figured out my Inner Man is an interior designer and decorator. When I first asked Jesus to make His home in me it was as if He stepped into a very messy one room shack. I was a wreck.

Initially, cleanup was fairly straight forward. However, I needed much more. I needed a complete remodel from the inside out. It was time for me to grow and my current living conditions couldn’t sustain the kind of growth Jesus had for me.

There was very little light coming in and the interior walls were dark colors. Laundry had to be done. Closets needed to be cleaned out. There was a slow leak under the sink so there was plenty of rot. The toilet was clogged because the septic tank was full and untreated. My garage was full of boxes filled with past hurts, scars and abuse.

At first I heard a faint Voice inside but thought it’s just me so I ignored it unless I was in crisis. I was working a program of recovery where I peeled several layers of a very large, stinky onion that made it easier for me to hear Him.

Over time, a renaissance took hold within me. No longer was I comfortable with lack, i.e., lack of love, support, friends, Truth. I began to invest in me. I recognized my need for a Savior and said “yes” almost immediately. That weak, faint “yes” was only the beginning.

Over time a living room was added. It had a beautiful bay window where the morning sun pierced the darkness and lit up half the house. Next a large, carpeted family room was added. It had a sectional big enough for us to snuggle together in front of a roaring Fireplace, aka, Burning Bush.

Remodeled kitchen and bathrooms add value to any house because they are major hubs required to thrive and flourish. He still is remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms because they hold the worst of the worst. He wants me to experience this remodel inside so I can spark renewal in others.

Consequently, during recent trials, while others were busy putting me on a blacklist and telling me how I screwed up, He affirmed the problem isn’t me and He’ll fix it. He knew the words of others could have imploded me but He rescued and validated me.

Inside each of us is Someone waiting to be awakened. Jesus created a need for this Person inside so He is the only One who can awaken Him.

Ask Him to come in and He will.

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