Day 8: Hilarious

Day 8: Hilarious

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Jesus has a major sense of humor. From the beginning to the very end. For example, I’ve heard it said that God is a major league baseball fan. Oh? Then I heard the punch line: Genesis 1:1 “In the Big Inning.” That is not the worst of it.

But wait, there’s more!
Would you believe it if your crusty great grandparents told you they would be having more kids? The Lord just told Abram when he was 75-years old that He’ll make his descendants as numerous as the sand and stars. Abram and Sarai have no children but not for lack of trying.

Years later Sarah eavesdrops on a conversation between Abraham and an Angel of God. She laughs after hearing she‘ll have a baby at her advanced age. So at the tender age of 90, she gives birth to Isaac, which means laughter. No drugs and it’s your great grandmother. There’s a visual.

It’s a thin line …
We all know the love-hate relationship Our Father has with His chosen people. When God had had enough He told Moses He’d wipe them out and start over with his family. Moses, God’s earthly bestie, kindly reminds Him these are His people and His idea to rescue them from Egypt, not his. Basically, suck it up.

So God sends the Shikenah Glory, the infamous cloud by day and fire by night. One more thing and God would have roasted them like marshmallows. We have a Savior because He needed to save us from God’s temper, aka, “Why I oughta …!!!” I don’t want to be God’s marshmallow for His S’mores.

Wine, women and whatever
Mary and Jesus are at a wedding in Cana. Wedding celebrations are seven days long. Typically wine flows freely from start to finish. Someone tells Mary they’re out of wine. She immediately goes to her son, Jesus, and says, “They have no wine,” to which Jesus basically says, “Uh huh, and?”

Like any mom who gets lip from their child, she tells the maid servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” She didn’t argue, plead or cajole. Jesus was probably rolling His eyes because He knew He had to be obedient. His mother gave an indirect order so He did it.

Tough day at the office, eh?
The other day I’m complaining about my lot in life. All of a sudden I hear Jesus say, “Oh yeah. I know what a hard day is like. I also had to walk uphill about a mile dragging this really heavy piece of wood … in five feet of snow, blizzard conditions, one way then I died.” I’m like, “Wait. Whaaaaat?” I immediately start laughing. He gets it. He reminds me no matter how bad I think my day is, He’s had worse.

One more!
In Revelation Jesus says He’ll be right back to which John replies, “Awesome, come Lord.” I keep hearing Jesus say, “I just said that I’d come, John. Didn’t you hear me?”

All this to say Jesus has a wicked sense of humor. It’s subtle, sarcastic and always funny. Who do you think invented, “Two Jews in a bar” jokes? His brand of humor and irony is an amazing blessing.

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