Day 7: Gracious

Day 7: Gracious

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Jesus has shown me great grace since birth. My earliest memory of abuse is from infancy yet for nearly 40 years, I didn’t remember a thing. Had I remembered, I may not have survived. I likely would have been worse off knowing those entrusted with my care betrayed that trust.

The crazy I’ve experienced since my late husband’s death was overwhelming. Two years after getting diagnosed with PTSD I faced hostile relatives in court while suing the school district over how poorly they addressed my daughter’s special needs.

I fought suicidal thoughts but had absolutely no support or contact with relatives. My kids had to adjust to a life of isolation while I figured out how to keep their lives as normal as possible despite a satanic cancer spreading within the family.

“Zone of Grace”
Jesus gave me a church family. It was hardly perfect but it was right on time. We felt loved, accepted, supported. We kept active enough to not suffer the punishment satan intended. The Worship Arts pastor, wife and department saved our lives.

My therapist is a strong, grounded man of God unafraid of my relatives. His office is a “zone of Grace.” It is impenetrable by anyone except God Himself Who shows up every single time. He says he has my back; and that he’ll defend and protect me. He reminds me the Truth is on my side so I have nothing to fear.

Tangible benefits of His great Grace
I beat my family twice in court despite their allegations of parental incompetency. I beat the school district and county mental health in Federal court.

When I lost my home Jesus sent me to a Christian man willing to work with me despite my bankruptcy because I also am a believer. He recommended me over five other well qualified families.

My daughter now lives in an amazing group home and is literally set for the rest of her life thanks to my pursuit of the best He had for my daughter. My son attends one of the best schools in the state and nation. He has after-school homework support, tutors, teachers who care and administrators who are simply awesome.

Now I see Jesus in everything. My walk is far from a crawl and my confidence is shooting through the roof. I have prophetic authority to speak life into those like me. When I speak with, and pray over and for people, His presence falls heavily upon me. He is tangibly closer than ever.

I should be dead, broken, a scrap heap but that’s not Jesus’ will for me. He continues to pour out as much grace as I need to do and be all that He has for me. No one has been this good to me—ever—so I know Who to look to first when it hits the fan. His Grace is sufficient for me.

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