Day 6: Father

Day 6: Father

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Jesus is not merely my God, Lord and Savior. He is family because He has adopted me as His very own.

He’s Daddy, husband, mentor, bridegroom, friend, but mostly he’s Abba, big Daddy, my biggest fan, loudest cheerleader. His still small voice encourages me to stand and overcome.

My Father stands with me in the heat of battle
In the fight of my life for my daughter and son, He kept talking to me through my therapist, the earthly husband He appointed for me. He was the father figure I desperately needed.

I learned Abba Father is kind, gentle, loving, cries with and over me. He prays over and for me. He celebrates my victories and is there when I’m set back.

He encourages me not to give up. He picks me up, dusts me off and encourages me by letting me see what He sees so when I get discouraged I remember His vision.

How a Father loves
It was time to buy a new car. I was willing to sacrifice some of my wants for a powertrain warranty and nominal service calls. Then I saw it. It was a beautiful Acura MDX. It was the color I wanted and had all the extras my heart desired.

When I drove it off the lot, He said, “You are My princess. This is how a Daddy spoils His princess.” I’ve never been spoiled. I’ve had to fight for everything. Everything has been an uphill battle. However, I always believed there was something better for me.

Spiritual parents
I’ve not only wanted a Dad I can call on but a strong Father figure to speak softly and lovingly, and when I screw up to gently redirect me. I want a Father who needs nothing from me. I want a Father who treasures me warts and all, a Father eager to deliver me from evil and believes in me and what I say.

Today I have spiritual parents. My spiritual Papi is amazing. He’s big, strong and calls me beautiful. One time he set himself like a football player on the line of scrimmage. As I approach, he gets up and comes for me with a big, strong hug. I just melt in his arms because I feel so loved.

He enjoys me and I get to enjoy Him. When He wraps His arms around me I feel His love. He speaks softly and doesn’t yell at me. He doesn’t verbally tear me apart or beat me. He doesn’t lie or twist facts to make me submit.

I’ve been getting this is and more because Jesus is one-stop shopping. He is my Abba and friend. I love Him to pieces because He keeps loving me. He’s soooooo good to me because I feel His fierce love.

That’s what a Father does for His children. He loves them perfectly.

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