Day 5: Emotions

Day 5: Emotions

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

He is … a Man of sorrows, acquainted
with deepest grief.
—Isaiah 53:3b (NLT)

Shortly before I accepted the precious gift of salvation, I walked out of my friend’s office and heard God say, “I’m sorry.” My friend had just finished a “crystal” session with me. We would ask “the universe” questions, hold the crystal over a circle of possible answers and wait for the crystal to start swinging in one direction indicating the answer. I clearly was seeking His counsel and Jesus knew it.

He knew I was pissed off at Him for my parent’s divorce, neglect, and physical and emotional abuse. I resented Him for seemingly forsaking me and my family. He knew the only way to win me back to Himself was to appeal to my emotions, the same emotions He has and lovingly gifted me. He was intimately acquainted with my deepest grief and tapped into it.

All of us were made in the likeness of Jesus. Therefore, we are full of a wide range of emotions. He loves when we express our emotions because it means we are using a gift He gave us.

Religion is man’s idea of God, not His
My former spiritual mentor said many times that emotionalism has no place in the church. Today, I can safely say that is a lie meant to steal my joy, kill my passion and destroy my relationship with Jesus Christ. To my knowledge, she still believes this is true and operates in a religious spirit, which is unlike Him who made her.

Jesus felt compassion; he was angry, indignant, and consumed with zeal; he was troubled, greatly distressed, very sorrowful, depressed, deeply moved, and grieved; he sighed; he wept and sobbed; he groaned; he was in agony; he was surprised and amazed; he rejoiced very greatly and was full of joy; he greatly desired, and he loved.

Moreover, the Bible clearly states the kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17). There are at least two emotions in that Romans passage, which invalidate the emotionalism argument.

Jesus loves my emotions
Song of Solomon is about how much he loves us. Having been numb for so long, I’m awakening to a whole range of emotions. He’s been focusing on love and passion within me. They are erupting like an underwater volcano. They come up blazing hot only to be tempered by the cool of the ocean, which represents the Holy Spirit who is Jesus Himself.

Sometimes I cry during worship. Other times I’m overcome with peace or joy unspeakable. I can sense when God is angry, when He is loving and when he is goofing off.

I can feel His passion over me when He fills me with His Presence. It feels like I’m being electrocuted but it’s so wonderful I can’t help but ask for more. I am made to feel and I embrace all the emotions He gave me so we can have emotional fellowship.

I’m learning how to embrace ALL of my emotions.

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