Day 4: Delight

Day 4: Delight

31 Days of intimacy with my Savior

He delights in me and I delight in Him. He makes me smile and laugh. He calls me His princess wants me to call Him Abba Father.

He sees me as a young girl skipping and hopping on a playground before Him. When I raise my hands in worship, sometimes it means I’m asking Him to pick me up like a toddler so I can sit on His lap.

I lean my head on His chest, listen and feel His breath over me, and hear his heart beating. I’m safe and secure in His loving arms. I feel closer to Him than anyone I’ve ever known.

Other days I’m in worship with my right hand out and my left across my abdomen because I’m dancing with a King.

I like walking down the street and holding his hand because I’m His best girl and He is my best Guy. Other times I’ll be sitting across from a friend and He’ll say, “watch this,” and I suddenly am privy to how intimately He knows someone else’s foibles.

On one occasion a close friend spilled a few drops of some coffee on his pant leg. Rather than continue our conversation, God said this person was so anal they would feel compelled to stop everything to attend to a few small drops of coffee on the inside of his pant leg.

Just when I thought He was done cleaning up God says, “Oh He’s not done yet.” Next he excuses himself to get a cold, wet cloth to clean his trousers. I was in stitches inside as I watched someone get obsessed over a few drops of coffee. Jesus then says, “Yeah, I made that too. Hahaha!”

He enjoys playing games with me. Sometimes we play Words with Friends together. I’ve received words I’ve never heard of before and they worked.

Believe it or not, He delights in my pursuit for an encounter with Him. He loves that I spend time just Him and me alone.

In return He provides in ways that no one else can comprehend. My heart is full and overflows. It’s always a good day when He delights in me, and I delight in Him and His love for me.

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