Day 2: Beautiful

Day 2: Beautiful

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

I’ll never forget the first time we turned the corner and was at inspiration point in Yosemite National Park. It was Yosemite Valley. El Capitan to the left Half Dome to the right. It was majestic, breathtaking, beautiful. God made it and didn’t consult me. Jesus made something out of nothing.

Since then I’ve always considered Yosemite National Park heaven on earth. It’s the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Of course, it was made it with God’s mighty hand because He is El Shaddai, God of the mountains. How beautiful they are and how beautiful He is.

The earth is His résumé. Just take a look at just look outside your front door. Rolling green hills, big blue sky, majestic mountains, desert plains, grand canyons, waterfalls, volcanoes, roaring rivers, vast and deep oceans: Jesus made all of it. If He can make the earth beautiful from a volcanic mess then surely He can do the same for me.

Just like there are corners of the world yet to be discovered, there are aspects of Jesus I have yet to explore so I can uncover more of His natural beauty.

My Savior: Totally hot, yes He is
My phone’s home screen is a picture of this really handsome designer from India who, in my opinion, looks like Jesus but with an up do. His name is Swapnil Shinde.

He sports a 5 o’clock shadow wearing a really cool leather jacket over his traditional Indian clothing, i.e., a white cotton mundu with sandals. It’s exactly how I see Jesus if he returned today.

When I look into his piercing light brown eyes I don’t see Swapnil. I see Jesus. When I talked with Jesus about it He said it’s okay because Swapnil was made in His image and likeness. Like I did with John Travolta and Erik Estrada growing up, I am gushing over this absolute rock star named Jesus. I’m in love.

From ugly duckling to swan
Today, I also know I am made in Jesus’ image and likeness. He is beautiful, therefore I also am beautiful. All my life I saw an ugly duckling. I hated pictures of me especially from elementary school.

It wasn’t until I took my senior portraits the summer before my senior year in high school that I saw how beautiful I was. I had a classmate who regularly ridiculed me since sixth grade about how ugly and fat I was. When he saw my senior portrait he remarked that if I was that hot all along, he would have gone out with me. His loss. What he saw in me was Jesus. I am not ugly. I am beautiful because Jesus is beautiful.

So the next time you’re outside and see beautiful trees, bushes, hillsides, mountains or valleys, step back in awe. Jesus made it all because He is beautiful.

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