Day 29: Intimacy

Day 29: Intimacy

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior
… and now for the vowels

State marked by emotional closeness; a quality suggesting closeness or warmth; something that is very personal or private.
—Merriam-Webster definition of intimacy for kids

Over the years I’ve learned words mean things so it’s important to grab a dictionary and get a right understanding. I looked up intimacy and wow! Allow me to elaborate on each of the defining phrases.

Marked by emotional closeness
I have been marked by Jesus through His Holy Spirit who lives inside me. I’ve been identified as one of His own. I’m emotionally attached because He has experienced all of my emotions.

He wept when Lazarus died just as I wept when my husband died. He sees me when I’m ecstatic and when I’m suicidal. When I’m wailing I consistently get this feeling He’s wrapping His arms around me holding me ever closer.

A quality suggesting closeness or warmth
He’s on my right, left, in front and back, underneath and over me, and He’s standing by my side. I feel His warmth all around me.

When I’m under attack He reminds me I am His special prize, that those who are attacking me need Him all the more. He affirms I’m not crazy. He reminds me the world hated Him so I can expect the same hatred, criticisms.

He’s closer to me than anyone on earth. Friends may come and go but He’s never abandoned nor forgotten me. We’re so close that when I can’t breathe, I don’t have to say anything. I just think about Him and He’s right there with me with His life-giving breath of life.

Something that is very personal or private
He is so important to me that I cannot live without Him. He gets me. He and He alone completes me. He tells me jokes for my ears only. He knows every last one of my secrets and loves me anyway.

Many times He answers unuttered, very private prayer. I was perplexed about a medication I was taking but He used someone to let me know that He is big enough to cover me. He understood my inner conflict and though He had given me permission, I still needed verbal confirmation. I got it. What I agonized over in private He addressed in public.

He is familiar with my every desire, spoken and unspoken. When I was shopping for a car, I thought I was shopping for a new car. He showed me a used car and said it has everything I want inside. No, I had not prayed about it but He was right. It had everything.

Jesus knows my deepest nature and nurtures it. Today, we have a very warm friendship that has developed through a long association, long before I accepted His precious gift. He’s been there all along.

He’s informal. He accepts me just as I am. I go to Sunday service and the prayer room is n between Sunday’s in jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers, and He welcomes me just the same. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, just perfect love and acceptance.

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