Day 28: (Pre)Eminence

Day 28: (Pre)Eminence

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior
… and now for the vowels

“Come and take Your place
In the center of our hearts

Come and take Your place
Come have the preeminence Jesus”
—Take Your place by Jon Thurlow, IHOP-KC

The name of Jesus is so powerful that when spoken it changes the atmosphere. He is eminent. He is successful, well-known, stands above others in every way imaginable and respected.

Here’s the cool part: He made His home inside of me. That’s not a typo. That means this is as personal as it gets. In fact, a song I sing says Jesus has preeminence. This means He is more important, skilled, better and successful than others.

What kills me is although I am fatally flawed, broken He who is of paramount importance, rank and dignity likes me. He doesn’t just like me, He loves me.

He doesn’t just love me, He decided I was worth so much to Him that He would undignify Himself publicly and die a criminal’s death.

The fact that He values me blows my brain to smithereens. How can someone who is so far superior and supreme to anyone or anything on earth desire a relationship with me?

He witnessed my suffering
I was bullied for throughout middle school at a Catholic school. No one wanted to be my friend. Everyone betrayed me when I tried to trust. I was the scapegoat for racist jokes, cruelty and exclusion. It was the most miserable school experience ever. However, He saw me.

He counted the tear drops and the scars. He ached when I was outcast unlike anyone else. His heart broke when even those who were black left me for dead.

Yet this Man of sorrows was well acquainted with my pain and grief. He also was outcast, hated, abused, treated like trash then made the scapegoat for an entire nation so that I can be with Him forever.

Jesus is my Rock Star
Jesus is a celebrity and yet He likes hanging around with me. He loves my wicked humor, enjoys my wit, talks to me when I feel like dirt and restores me. In fact, what He tells me is I’ll get to rule and reign with Him in heavenly places.

Wait, what? I’m not better or more important than anyone else. I’ve hardly had the success that others have yet, He tells me He died for me. The image I can’t get out of my head is that while He was on the cross, He looked right at me and winked.

My supreme God sees me, knows me inside and out and chooses to have a friendship with me anyway.


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