Day 27: Armor

Day 27: Armor

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior
… and now for the vowels

Jesus loves me so much He armed me for suffering. He said that in this life there would be trouble so He made provision for me to stand in the day of battle. He gave me seven weapons for the mass destruction over darkness. They are so powerful anyone or anything that tries to stand against me will fail.

Belt of truth
Jesus told me truth shall set me free. When my family tried to dismantle and destroy me they ran up against the Truth. I never lied. There was evidence of the truth of my convictions. He said I was worthy of my call to care for my son and special needs daughter. They lied to a judge about my character but they couldn’t defeat the truth.

Breastplate of righteousness
My righteousness comes from Jesus. I cannot claim victory in and of myself because it’s impossible without Him. I am right in God’s sight because I accept His Son, Jesus, as my Lord and Savior. Don’t mess with me because you’re actually messing with Jesus and last I checked He’s greater than anyone on earth.

Helmet of salvation
When I hear His voice I begin to think like Jesus. I heard no weapon formed against me shall ever boast a victory. They’ll always lose. I also heard anyone who lies in court will be brought to justice. Ha!

Shield of faith
My court battles were David (me) and Goliath (everyone else) moments. Jesus needs me to know He’s worth trusting. This round of suffering would proves beyond a shadow of doubt that He is for me, not against me. All I did was be still and know He is God.

Sword of the Word
The rules I live by far supersede any man-made laws. When I live according to the lifestyle He affords, I have nothing to fear or lose. In fact, Jesus left me His words so that when I’m in the heat of battle, I can lean on His promises. He promised me life more abundant and victorious, that I would do greater things than He did. I’m counting on Him.

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
When glass breaks onto a floor, if you don’t have shoes you won’t be able to walk without possibly hurting your foot. However, if you have shoes on, you have nothing to fear. When everything and everyone around me is upset, I can be at total peace and simply stand firm.

Prayer, Heaven’s heavy artillery
Prayer is a conversation with Jesus. When I’m alone, I can talk to Him. When I’m done talking I listen. He says I don’t have what I need because I don’t ask. He said anything I asked He would do. If God is on your side, prayer is essential. I have an inside track, a supernatural connection that’s out of this world. I get to have a friendship with the most powerful entity of the universe. His name: Jesus Christ.

Equip yourself with Jesus.

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