Day 26: Zealous

Day 26: Zealous

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

The Lord’s zeal for me is unquenchable like Romeo’s zeal for Juliet. He didn’t come to earth so I could spend eternity in darkness away from Him. He will not be satisfied until I am His and He is mine.

NOTE: Before He created the heavens and the earth, a plan was being developed. I highly doubt it played out like this but I won’t limit Jesus to what I think actually happened. This is how I make sense of it especially since I live in the tech capital of the world.

Holy troubleshooting
Software programmers test run code before release. In the same way, no matter how many different ways He created or programmed earth, the same problems reared their ugly heads.

A solution was required. The Old Testament is replete with examples of His people unable to keep themselves from living as they pleased.

He watched as the serpent manipulated Eve and Adam into breaking the only rule in the Garden of Eden. He was heartbroken when Cain killed Abel. By the time of Noah, it was evident something had to be done so we could have a second chance to make things right.

It was impossible for us not to mess it up because we were sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Our nature is to test limits first, ask questions later and beg for Mercy.

Without a plan Jesus knew it would be impossible for us to play with him in heaven’s sandbox. He didn’t create us to kill us but to spend eternity together.

We needed special delivery. Killing animals and sprinkling their blood all over the altar was not working. There was only one way to resolve this problem. His name is Jesus.

Mercy came running
Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize the only one who can get the job done right is yourself? Jesus had the same epiphany and decided to don this earthly suit and save me from myself. He loved me so much He demonstrated mercy by simply showing up.

He didn’t come to condemn but to save. When the Pharisees were stupid enough to only drag the woman out for being “caught in the act of adultery” and not the man, Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you.” When He came He vehemently defended humanity.

At some point He’ll be back and defeat evil like Arnold Schwarzenegger only better, stronger and faster. It will be a lopsided victory like Super Bowl 48 when the Seahawks skewered the Broncos. However, He’s patiently waiting. He’s not quick to slam the door to heaven shut.

Time is running out
Our Father decided on a number who will be rescued before all hell breaks loose. Picture elevator doors closing as you run to get in. Jesus is holding open the door until all of us get it in. He won’t rest until all of us make it.

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