Day 25: Young

Day 25: Young

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

There’s something comforting about the fact that there’s a young adult on the throne of grace, seated on the right hand of Our Father Who art in heaven. All I heard growing up was that God was an old man seated in a rocking chair with long, white hair and bushy beard, drooling, passing time and pronouncing severe judgment over me.

Jesus started His ministry at age 30 and died three years later. I came to Jesus when I was 31-years old. Suddenly, Jesus’ humanity hits me between the eyes.

He gave up plenty for me
Jesus gave up His cushy life hearing praise and worship around the clock. However, he came anyway to pay the price for my brokenness. When He was born, He was completely vulnerable to two wide-eyed, scared teens who didn’t immediately bust out in praise and worship songs.

Our Father also is called the “Ancient of Days.” This means He is older than we can count. He truly is older than dirt. Even if I died at the ripe old age of 101, I’m still young.

He lived long enough to get the gist of my frustrations, my foibles, my temptations, my struggles, trials and tribulations. When He left, He wasn’t a Pharisee, He was a young King about to inherit the earth as His own.

Someone my age was preaching the Gospel, healing the sick, delivering the afflicted, raising the dead, feeding the hungry, setting captives free, insulting Pharisees and Sadducees, and preparing to sacrifice His body so I can be with Him forever. That’s a lot to expect from any young adult but He did it.

Jesus brings Our Father a fresh perspective. He knows what it’s like to be human because He surrendered all of His power so He could identify with us. He was fully human. He frequently said, “I do nothing of myself,” and “I do only what I’ve seen my Father do.”

God trained Him and Jesus trained us
Jesus taught a master class to fellow young adults, i.e., apostles, on how to live as kingdom ambassadors filled with God’s Holy Spirit and favor. He demonstrated how to thwart the enemy and rescue His beloved from eternal darkness.

Yes, the elderly are young too
Our Father also is called the Ancient of Days. This means He is older than we can count. He truly is older than dirt. Even if I died at the ripe old age of 101, I’m still young. This means we’re kids and one of us is on the throne.

His Father is so proud of His accomplishments, He gets to reign with God. Jesus gets to explain all the idiosyncrasies of what it’s really like down here. He makes it possible for God to have a bit more compassion because His son gets it. I don’t have to explain what a pain it is to live today. He knows and makes sure Our Father also knows.

The best part is He comes back so we can hang out face to face forever. My Savior shares my youthfulness and even celebrates it because He’s young too.

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