Day 24: Xenodochial

Day 24: Xenodochial

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Xenodochial means hospitable, kind and friendly to strangers. This is exactly Who He is. Even when I didn’t know His as my Savior, He was so kind to me. In His infinite kindness, He extended me grace and mercy when I was gay bar hopping, night clubbing, drugging and drinking, partying, you name it, He was kind to me.

All this talk these days of Jesus hating so and so for this and that reason is so much bunk. If Jesus were walking the earth again, He would meet me where I am and love on me extravagantly even though we were strangers.

He made me feel like I’m part of His family before I ever accepted His precious gift. He loved me so much and wanted to be with me so much He courted me and when my heart was so full to overflowing, He bid me come and I came running.

On this Christmas Eve it’s important to remember who Jesus was at the most vulnerable time of His life. He was a refugee fleeing a malicious king who wanted Him dead. He was an outcast right after birth.

Wow! I can relate to this. Can you? Does this describe how you feel?

Again, if Jesus were walking on this earth today, I am convinced He would be at gay bars, gay pride parades, Cinco de Mayo festivals all across the southwest, Ramadan meals, you name it, He would be there. He would be making friends, joking around, sharing life experiences, prophesying, healing, praying over/with/for people.

He absolutely would make friends with everyone. He’d be popular and draw crowds from miles around because His warm, party reputation would precede Him and all men would be drawn unto Him. This is the way it’s supposed to be.

Will you open your heart to someone you don’t feel comfortable with? Will you bless a homeless person, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a refugee, an illegal immigrant, a gay person, a prostitute, a drug addict, an alcoholic, a broken person today?

Don’t do it alone. Wisdom says where two or three agree He is there. Bring a friend and be safe. Greet the disenfranchised with a holy warmth, love and unconditional acceptance. Change begins inside of you so change the world where you are.

Remember: Jesus is the reason for the season. The reason for the season is to let everyone in so they feel loved. Will you do this today?

May The Lord be birthed in you so you may experience the fullness of His Presence, Spirit, Peace and Love every day.

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  1. You’re always writing fresh perspectives. I love it.

  2. You’re very eloquent.

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