Day 23: Warmth

Day 23: Warmth

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Whenever I got in trouble or realized I did something wrong like speeding and noticed highway patrol lights in my rear view mirror, I felt awful. I’d have an intense sense of dread immediately followed by white-hot heat deep in my heart. That heat then spreads like wildfire to my neck, shoulders, chest and eventually my gut where I become nauseous. A pastor once quipped this is why cops are called “heat” because you feel it.

Fortunately, this is not from Jesus. The kind of warmth I’m talking about feels safe, secure, comforted, nurtured, loved. It’s the kind of warmth that neither a blanket nor shameful act can produce.

In His love is where I belong.

Warmth in therapeutic relationship
When therapy began, it was suggested I purchase, “Courage to Heal” by Ellen Bass, a handbook for survivors. In it she talks about what a therapeutic relationship should be: “You should feel warmth between you and your counselor.

My therapist respected me from day one. He loved on me and my family. He was soft spoken, deferent, strong, wise and fair. It was becoming evident he was trustworthy and he was the right person for me. He exhibited the best fatherly qualities, the kind of character with which I was unfamiliar but was deeply attracted to.

I didn’t even realize I hungered for this kind of warmth. I involuntarily bonded with him almost immediately. I was desperate. I was dry and cold inside. A river flowed from him and I felt warm inside.

He was modeling our Father’s love. That’s what I was attracted to: The Jesus inside him. He let Him flow and my inner man leapt.

This is Jesus
He is warm. He doesn’t need to yell. He speaks softly and I hear Him. He’s not a bonfire where if I get too close I get burned. He’s a warm, inviting campfire where people gather and thaw from the inside out.

Feel out in the cold? Let His warm love come in and ignite your passion for Him.

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