Day 22: Victorious

Day 22: Victorious

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Anyone who wants to be the world’s heavyweight boxing champion cannot claim the title if they never had any boxing matches. If I want a victorious Christian life, I welcome adversity. To the victor go the spoils and believe me, I want all the spoils, plunder and benefits.

Years ago during a BSF leadership retreat I said I wanted to live a victorious Christian life. I had no clue what I was asking for. Since then, I’ve had many victories in Christ. How am I supposed to know He loves me if I never need a miracle that only He can do? He wants me to experience His favor, grace, warm love and deep affection for me.

Good times don’t reveal character like bad times do. We actually pray for those challenges in The Lord’s Prayer so we can grow stronger.

“Give us this day our daily bread”—Matthew 6:11
An important part of the Jewish temple is the showbread comprised of exactly 12 yeastless loaves of bread baked and replaced every seven days. Loaves were placed on a small, acacia wood table overlaid with pure gold in the Holy Place.

These loaves also were called the “bread of presence” because they always were in The Lord’s Presence. Miraculously, the showbread stayed warm and never molded. Bread represents Jesus’ strength.

Examples of bread as strength
After Caleb and Joshua spied on the land they would inherit, Caleb boldly declared, “do not … fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; … The Lord is with us.”

Soon-to-be King David was on the run from King Saul. Saul ordered Jonathan, his son, to kill David. However, David was anointed as the next king so he enjoyed God’s favor. Jonathan, David’s best friend, warned David so he fled.

David arrived at a temple in Nob. He asked Ahimelech the priest for bread but there was no common bread to share only the showbread, which was holy. David only asked for five loaves. When David asked the priest for a weapon, he received Goliath’s sword, a treasured artifact stored in cloth behind the ephod.

Equally significant is David asked for only five loaves. Recall when Jesus fed the 5,000. The boy’s lunch that fed the masses consisted of two fish and five loaves of bread. There are no coincidences.

Yeah, and …
When we say, “give us this day our daily bread,” we tap into strength necessary to get through our trials and tribulations. We also get weapons for our warfare. Praise is a weapon especially when it hurts and looks really bad.

Try singing, “I exalt thee” when you are about to lose your home in foreclosure. Tough times are part of the deal. We asked for this daily strength so we would realize victory in Christ.

We have access to a limitless amount of strength. Ask Him for this strength so you can realize the victorious Christian life. He wants us to be victorious so He can get all the glory.

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