Day 21: Unwavering

Day 21: Unwavering

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Jesus absolutely believes in me. If he didn’t, He never would have bothered to die on a cross so I could spend eternity with Him. His love and support are unwavering.

He knows me so well He wants to see me succeed at the dreams He planted in my heart long ago.

I’ve always have known I’m destined for greatness. However, there is so much opposition it will take successive acts of Jesus to make it happen. Of course, this has been His plan all along.

Destined for greatness
In fourth grade I was designated a “mentally gifted minor.” My intelligence level was among the top 5 percent nationwide. I naturally was driven and whip smart, i.e., all the ingredients necessary to get ahead and realize the American dream.

My parent’s encouraged me to go to college but my dreams were far beyond college. For them, success was an associates degree. For me, success was a minimum bachelor’s degree plus a high-profile career.

Then Jesus showed off and allowed me to win various scholarships but none more prestigious than the Dow Jones Copy Editing Internship and Scholarship. Winners were the cream of the crop, the top 2 percent of applicants.

I have a natural talent for journalism. I picked the profession that ignites a fire within me. However, I also intimately understand my success isn’t just for me. I have to show my brother and sister that if I could do it, so can they.

When I finally got my bachelors degree, it was a very big deal. As a second generation Puerto Rican American, I was the first on both sides to attain this level of college education and did so with honors.

Jesus refused to let me settle. He wanted only the best and a bachelors degree wasn’t’ the best I could do.

I possessed the talent but doubted anyway. He allowed me to be very successful and even provided a boss, though abusive, who gave me the writing confidence or “chops” I desperately required. He never wavered in providing me the best experiences. In fact, this blog is proof of what I learned.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over
When I plunged into disability, I gave up on a career but Jesus didn’t. He turned me on to blogging. He said it would be a vehicle for my success. Then during a children’s equipping conference in 2011 He gave me a huge vision for my career that I absolutely knew I could achieve.

Along the way, He throws me big bones that require a ton of work but He knows I’m up to the task. It’s also my deepest desire. Now I’m beginning to believe I will see that vision come to fruition.

His confidence in me has been, is and always will be unwavering. He believes in me because He made me, anointed me and knows the plans He has for me. He refuses to give up on me even when I have. Yet another precious gift.

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