Day 20: Tireless

Day 20: Tireless

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

One of my favorite cartoon characters is that hilarious squirrel from Ice Age. His tireless pursuit of that flippin’ acorn was over the top funny. Jesus tirelessly wooed and pursued me and my family like that ancient squirrel looking for a nut.

He was relentless. He refused to take “No” for an answer.

My late husband and I baptized our daughter into the Catholic church because it was convenient. Upon her premature birth, the hospital asked if we wanted a priest to baptize her and we immediately said yes. Despite being my husband being Presbyterian, we agreed protestant and Catholic churches were united at the cross so it couldn’t hurt. We needed all the favor we could get.

Months later, we formalized baptism in a local Catholic church we never attended with any regularity. It wasn’t until our respite care nurse accepted Christ that we were confronted with our spiritual lack.

The power of testimony
Glenna was an amazing nurse and person. She was family.

She also significantly blessed us by figuring out how we can take whole weekends off even though our local regional center didn’t allow us to rollover respite hours from month to month. Without her, we would have been worse off.

She would go on and on about how horrible her family was, her mother in particular. She told about a time her mother killed a local cat by leaving cat food laced with rat poison outside her front door. Suddenly, there were no more cats in the neighborhood. However, her mother was also a “Bible thumper,” a detail that irritated both of us most.

Glenna lived in a mobile home with her longtime boyfriend. They’d take their shotgun and pistols to target practice often making sure her mother saw them with their arsenal. They had little contact with her mother who lived in the same mobile home park.

Then she got saved. It was so radical she told us she threw out her boyfriend because they weren’t married. She got rid of the guns and re-established a loving relationship with her mother and the rest of her family. We were dumbfounded. We were confronted with the power of Jesus to rescue and recover His own.

It all started with a church picnic then attending church with her. After about a month, I was overcome by His Presence and accepted His salvation. A year later my husband came forward then my daughter about a year after that. When my son was eight, he accepted salvation.

He saw what we didn’t
He is tireless in His pursuit of us because He believes we are worth saving. He wants us at his wedding and subsequent feast. He won’t be satisfied until He has all of us.

His tireless pursuit is the among His greatest gifts. Thanks to this gift, we know we will reunite with my husband in heaven, which lessens the sting of loss and gives us even more hope.

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