Day One: Artist

Day One: Artist

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

When I was a little girl, I used to draw the same scene over and over again for years. It was green hills or mountains with a tree along a riverbank with birds in the air, flowers and the sun rising.

Then I saw this painting in church a few years ago of the exact same scene except from a different perspective. Immediately I knew this was God speaking to me. He was telling me that the scene I’ve been drawing for years came from Him. He wanted me to make an extraordinary connection between my past and present through a very intimate piece of art drawn by me as a child.

Of course, Jesus is a creative  He’s the Creator of the universe because in the beginning He created. Nowadays God is making me an artist. I am right-handed but I sketch with my left hand. This way, He controls the pencil.

Jesus wants me to appreciate art art so much that he gave me the gift of sketching well. I truly enjoy sketching. We talk as I sketch. We create something new together. Sometimes I see images on paper as if they were already superimposed so I can trace them.

Consequently, some sketches are quite profound, some very intimate, all actually quite good.

Through art He tells and is teaching me many things about how He sees the world.  I realize once again I am merely scratching the surface with my pencil, no pun intended. I am, even if just even if it’s just a little bit, coming to understand Who He Is through art.

This never would have happened if my house of prayer didn’t embrace and encourage artists to share the stage and create paintings during hour-long worship sets. This is the fruit of the worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit. All I can say is, “More please! More Lord.”

Years ago I had no use for art. Now I can’t get enough of it.

This is the scene I colored ad nauseum growing up. I never could understand why I kept drawing the same scene over and over again. Now I see the prophetic symbols. He was giving me hope before I ever knew what it was or that I needed it.

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