Day 19: Strength

Day 19: Strength

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Jesus is my greatest strength. He can handle me, my storm and the whole world simultaneously. I never have to fear the storm around me because He is in it. When I am weak He is strong.

Don’t get me wrong. I get scared. I have fears like anyone else. It’s when I get a chance to breathe that I remember these essential truths.

When my parents and in-laws ganged up on me to snatch my daughter—not my son—from me, I was my absolute weakest. I was in my fourth year of PTSD therapy meaning I saw my therapist three times a week. It was almost two years since my husband died. My daughter was absolutely out of control, delusional, violent and verbally abusive.

It was evident she needed help and the school district and county mental health were unwilling to intervene despite significant a record of significant medical interventions. Therefore, I was engaged in a law suit against the school district and county mental health.

It was costing me a fortune in money and brain power. I was in so much emotional pain I barely could function. I was overwhelmed in myriads of long, protracted forms for at least three different entities. I had to secure loans; find good consultants to identify a good boarding school; and nurture my son who felt the sting of rejection by his grandparents.

All the while, I’m trying to come to terms with my incest and ritual abuse histories. Seven hours a week of psychotherapy just about killed me yet I was hosting a student from Hong Kong who I was required to provide two meals a day.

I had zero support from family. My parents isolated us and vilified me by spreading outright lies about me, my history and integrity.

Oh, but God
I would have to be a fool not to acknowledge the only reason I was able to stand was because the body of Christ was lifting us up in prayer and provided some practical support. They encouraged me and witnessed my struggle. They knew me long enough and witnessed my parenting skills such that they understood this was a satanic attack designed to destroy me, and perpetuate a multigenerational curse.

My daughter found the most profound verse for our circumstances: “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”—Exodus 14:14 (NIV) I won the fight for guardianship of my daughter. Two years later I was awarded the right to conserve my daughter and the law suit versus county mental health and the school district was won in Federal court. I did my part and He showed up powerfully.

At my weakest point, He revealed His strength. He infused me His supernatural strength, wisdom and foresight that resulted in my daughter being set for life. This would have been impossible had I waited as little as six months.

He took care of us. He was my strength because I had none. We were reserved for His us, so He stepped in and gave us profound victories.

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