Day 18: Real

Day 18: Real

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

Jesus makes Himself real to me every day especially when I don’t want to believe. For years I’d heard about miracles, signs and wonders yet never experienced evidence of this firsthand until Bethel Church, Redding, Calif., got their “glory cloud.”

Dateline October 2011, Bethel Church, Redding, Calif.
My daughter and I were attending the Open Heavens conference at Bethel. Keynote speakers were John and Carol Arnott, senior leaders of Catch The Fire church formerly known as Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.

Seven years after they began leading TACF a Sovereign outpouring of the Holy Spirit exploded upon their church. Revival broke out into longer, extended meetings.

Suddenly, TACF was the worldwide epicenter of a place where God was profoundly meeting His people. My pastor and wife visited TACF and confirmed they met Him in a way they never expected.

Let my healing begin
I was expecting great things from this conference and God didn’t disappoint. John, who has such a loving, soft disposition, wanted to get the healing started. He instructed us to reach up and grab some anointing oil from Jesus. I did but didn’t expect it to do much.

We all know heat rises but I didn’t expect the air to be as warm above my head as it was. He said to take all that oil and smear it onto the area we want healed.

I had a ganglion cyst on my right wrist the size of a cherry tomato. I’d had it for years and from time to time it would hurt especially when typing for long periods of time. I smeared “oil” all over my wrist.

I watched with astonishment as the cyst began to shrink. I couldn’t believe it. It was impossible but it was happening. I was watching. I had to sit down because I was getting dizzy.

I couldn’t understand how but then I remembered. He wants to heal all of us. The Holy Spirit was having a healing clinic on my wrist. That was the first session.

I kept an eye on my wrist the rest of the day. It kept shrinking. The next day it was still small. One month later, it was still small and didn’t hurt anymore. Today, it is still small and doesn’t hurt.

We saw the Glory cloud too
Weeks later I returned to Bethel with both kids where all three of us saw the Glory cloud. I searched for how someone was creating this illusion but instantly had to shut up when it and its gold dust went through the wall to the “Upper Room” and showered people with more gold dust, pearls and diamonds. When the cloud returned, all I wanted to do was worship.

I’ve seen other people “allegedly” get healed but I wasn’t believing it until I got healed myself and He knew it. He healed that cyst so I would always have something to remind me how real He is. Just to show off, He also let me and my kids experience His glory cloud too.

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