Day 16: Pleasure

Day 16: Pleasure

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

“For The LORD takes pleasure in His people.”
—Psalm 149:4a

God finds pleasure in me. Given my abuse history, I find that difficult to hear much less accept, but it’s true. He looks upon my blunders with delight because I’m falling forward, not backward. He sees how much I want to please Him but I have very little tolerance for my own mistakes.

Truth is missteps are opportunities for Him to deposit precious gifts of wisdom and revelation. Without His wisdom and revelation, I’m clueless and useless.

As of Jan. 1, 2016, I am lead Troop Committee Co-Chair for my son’s Boy Scout troop. Getting there was difficult because there was silent opposition. I’m seen as abrasive. That’s right. I speak the truth but no one likes the package in which it’s presented.

When I found out who was willing to turn this volunteer opportunity into a flippin’ nightmare I was even more furious. They were believers in Jesus. Once I had a chance to get over it, I figured out this was His idea. The other person who suddenly declared he was interested in the chairmanship said he really didn’t want to be chair when I conceded and said he could have it.

It wasn’t enough that I had recommendations on LinkedIn attesting to my executive experience as PTA President and Boy Scout unit commissioner. The incoming Scoutmaster said, “Yeah, I saw those but that’s not what ‘we’ have experienced.”

Once again I had to deal with people who don’t understand my history or how far I’ve come. I humbled myself and agreed this is a growth area for me. I asked if they would be willing to pray together. When we did, I could sense His good pleasure as His Presence was all over us.

Abuse taught me a dysfunctional way of relating to others, i.e., inflexible, resentful, anger, bitterness. However, Jesus, in His own loving way said it was time for me to come up higher.

The plans He had for me required better interpersonal skills. This is a way for me to grow and have two brothers in Christ keep me accountable. I let them know I was engaged in deliverance ministries because of my abuse history and appreciated the opportunity to grow in grace as the troop chairman.

Two weeks later a marketplace minister prayed over me and I wound up on the floor. When I reviewed the recording I was amazed. He blessed me up one wall and down the next. It was laden with exactly what I’d needed. I figured out He intends for me to be successful so He sent one of His servants to pray over me so that I could serve honorably and glorify Him.

He is pleased I accepted the correction, asked for accountability and received His blessing.

“The LORD’s delight is in those who fear Him, those who put their hope in His unfailing love.”
—Psalm 147:11

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