Day 12: Longing

Day 12: Longing

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

That God-shaped hole inside each and every one of us is a cry of longing for Jesus. Longing to belong. Longing to be loved deeply and passionately. Longing for acceptance. Longing for intimacy with someone who can love us as passionately as we love them.

God designed us to yearn for Him. It all begins with the need to be loved unconditionally. When we were born we fully expected to be loved and accepted unconditionally. When that doesn’t happen the hole grows larger.

Some fill it with alcohol or drugs. Others fill it with prostitution, which is not limited to sex. Still others fill it with the illusion of power and control.

I work in the nursery at church and there is one baby who absolutely refuses to be held by anyone but mom and dad. She will scream until she turns blue (she has turned blue before) until her mom or dad comes. For months it was a running joke that if you heard screaming in the foyer, it was probably her.

This baby understood better than anyone that if she was going to live she required intimacy, closeness, security. Everything is secondary.

We were made for intimacy. We can’t live without intimacy. When we have that intangible intimacy with Jesus only then we are complete.

The Judeo-Christian experience is the only one where the Deity desires a relationship with His created beings. Think about that for just a minute.

The King of kings, The Lord of lords, The Ancient of Days, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob desires a one-on-one relationship with us who are horribly flawed, prone to mess things up and incredibly fickle.

If He saw us on an auction block being sold into slavery, He would be the highest bidder. He wouldn’t care if I smelled like pig slop, had a rat nest for hair or a quadriplegic. He would gladly buy me so I could be free from slavery. He would do anything including dying a vile, savage and excruciating death just so I could be with Him.

Oh wait! He did die on a cross. Then He rose from the dead, left us with our very own spiritual tutor called the Holy Spirit and now is waiting for Our Father to let Him know when He gets to end the torment and start anew.

Yes, Jesus did that for me and you. Your longing is by design. Will you honor the Designer and accept Him just as He already accepted You? What do you have to lose? Will you turn around and embrace this gift?

Open up your heart and let Him in.

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