Day 11: Kindling

Day 11: Kindling

31 Days of Intimacy with my Savior

I love me some backpacking. My late husband was an Eagle Scout so I learned Boy Scout tips and tricks. One of the first things he taught was how to start a campfire with one match. The secret was lots of kindling and plenty of oxygen.

When I reflect on my spiritual journey, Jesus has been like kindling all over my dreams. When my father made me watch Nixon’s resignation a desire to be a White House Press Corps reporter was ignited deep inside. I made it known to anyone who would listen that I wanted to be a journalist like Woodward and Bernstein.

No one doubted I could write but everyone doubted I would ever realize my dream. They thought it a noble goal but impossible to attain. No one in my family had ever achieved a college education so the chances of my success were slim and none, and Slim just left town. However, God placed kindling on my dream. He never let that fire die inside me.

When I got accepted to a four-year university that had the number five mass communications program in the nation, no one flinched. Many relatives started their college educations and never finished so they didn’t expect much. When I got my degree people noticed but still didn’t believe I’d make it.

But Jesus simply threw on more kindling and gently blew on my dreams. He refused to let my passion die.

When I started to have what appeared to be a career in the field of my choice, people noticed but weren’t amazed like I was. When I started working with celebrities, including Oscar-nominated ones, people sat up and noticed.

In the face of professional opposition, Jesus kept throwing kindling down onto my dreams and kept blowing and stoking my fire, my passion. No one wanted to believe what was happening but I was very good at my career. Then I attempted suicide because I didn’t believe it was worth pursuing any longer but Jesus didn’t give up on my dreams.

He kept the fire stoked with kindling. For over 10 years I was removed from the professional scene, jealous as my colleagues were passing me by but He just kept blowing on it and never let it go out.

Today, I am sure of one thing: My dream is alive and well. The zenith no longer is the White House but something even greater. I’m on a mission to achieve a dream of greatness He planted in my heart in 2011.

I’m alive today because He is still stoking fires of greatness in me. The vision is coming into sharper and sharper focus the more I pursue His dream for me. I want it more than I want the White House because He is in it.

My success is His success. He wants my success because He loves me. Now I want to make Him famous worldwide. Walk with me and watch it happen.

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