Cogtoolz brings much-needed resources to our college students

Cogtoolz brings much-needed resources to our college students


August is Parenting with PTSD Awareness month

It’s that time of year again when our kids are off to school and we parents who work from home have about six to eight hours to ourselves. However, sending off our college students into the wild, blue yonder can be frightening. Fortunately, I’ve been in touch with the developers of an amazing resource for our college students.

Psychological services are an essential part of any college career and Cogtoolz has finally filled the void in a healthy, well-rounded student education. Crack open a Cogtoolz academic planner and uncover information for nurturing the whole student as they embark on their college career, an experience that most often takes place away from home, and familiar people and places.

Cogtoolz provides online resources connecting students with wellness websites such as, a blog for people learning how to live with PTSD and major depression. As students sharpen academic skills they also sharpen mental and physical wellness skills.

Students learn the Internet is more than social media, news and video games. Used correctly, the Internet also is a deep well of positive, encouraging, life giving and lifesaving information.

Cogtoolz recommends sites that can encourage, inform and inspire. Students soon discover they are not alone in how they feel or perceive almost any given situation. This means real help could be one click away. Cogtoolz is a game changer for today’s 21st-century student.

Soon my son will be off to college. If there is any way for this resource to be available to him, I want to help. You can too. Check it out. Tell a friend, college professor or local university bookstore so these get into the hands of students across America. Who knows? You could save the life of a student living on the edge because they spotted Cogtoolz resources.

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