Day 8: Yield

Day 8: Yield

30 days of forgiveness

“[It is] Him God has exalted to His right hand
to be Prince and Savior, to
give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins.”–Acts 5:31

I’ve studied Acts many times but it wasn’t until now I noticed a key word that gave me pause: give. Perhaps I didn’t quite have a handle on the definition of “give” so I looked it up. “Give” has over 16 definitions. Clearly, I have plenty to learn but let’s skip to the crux.

If my life is a traffic sign then it’s “Yield.” There are five definitions that include the word “Yield,” which also occurs five times.

My life is on page 3,969,494,759,473,857 of a book with so many pages, I can’t count that high. He knows what happens from the start. He also knows how it ends. Therefore, I must trust He knows what’s best for me.

Yield right of way
Yielding means I give way, give up, step aside, “No, after you!” Can you imagine what traffic would be like if no one yielded? My pastor often reminds us as we grow in Christ we have more responsibility yet give up more rights. For example, after my children were born I still had the right to party. However, I yielded that right because I loved my children more. I gladly yielded my right to act like an irresponsible adult so I could love, nurture and provide for my beautiful kids.

Yield oneself without restraint or control
There is no court order forcing me to yield my rights to sue my parents and in-laws for damages. I freely yield my rights to recompense because my Savior is exactly that: He is saving me from all hurt, harm or danger. He is an ever-present help in time of trouble. He gave me free will so I would choose Him and His Way of life voluntarily.

HTNC1Yield place
I won in court because Jesus is victorious and to the victor go the spoils. I have been crowned and clothed in His righteousness, and seated in Heavenly places to judge the living, the dead and the angels. However, humble is the new cocky (HTNC).

Jesus wouldn’t walk into any of my relative’s homes and start bragging how no weapon formed against me would ever succeed. He certainly wouldn’t talk about how he could call legions of angels to rebuff any stupidity coming my way. Oh no. Quite the contrary.

Jesus comes in as gentle, humble and meek as a lamb offering peace and unconditional love as if nothing ever happened. Can I do that? Was I truly made to forgive my enemies even if they are my closest relatives?


Points to Ponder
What must you yield so you can forgive someone? When will you do it? What’s holding you back? Will you ask Him to help you yield?

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